Xiaomi Mijia SMATE Review – Four-Blade Electric Shaver at $49.99 From Banggood (Coupon)


Modern life is so intense that it is difficult to find time even for a close shave. Fortunately, the Xiaomi SMATE Mijia Four-Blade Electric Shaver can easily solve this problem. The reciprocating blades will tackle even fine, soft hairs and help maintain any beard shape. Enjoy a pleasant close shave in line with the latest trends.

Buy Xiaomi SMATE Four-Blade Electric Shaver From Banggood


The Xiaomi Mijia SMATE four-blade electric shaver comes with four kinds of blades that allow users to achieve a clean shave for the first time. There is also an eight-position floating cutter head that can be attached and detached easily with no efforts. It’s made of stainless steel supplied by Anlai, a Japan-based firm. This material is mainly used in the production of scalpels and other special tools. Therefore, it’s too tough and durable. It also comes with an anti-grinding rubber back shell that offers a good grip. The device also has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. Thus, it can be washed thoroughly after use.

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The Xiaomi Mijia SMATE electric shaver comes with a built-in high-speed motor imported from Japan. It has an operational speed of 8,000rpm. With such speed, shaving can only get done faster yet the blade is gentle on the skin. The manufacturer touts it to completely shave off the beards in 3 minutes. The high-speed motor is also durable and can last for upwards of 8 years with constant use. The Mijia SMATE electric shaver also packs a rechargeable battery that can provide up to 60 minutes of use on a single charge. There is also a USB- interface from which the device can be charged and it takes just 1 hour to achieve a full charge when completely drained.


Xiaomi SMATE Mijia Four-Blade Electric Shaver is IPX7 waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, you can completely immerse the shaver in water and use it while you shower. The outer foil and the inner shaving head can be disassembled and washed separately. We can buy it from Banggood at $49.99 by using Coupon Code: BGxiaomi649 until August 21.

Buy Xiaomi SMATE Four-Blade Electric Shaver From Banggood


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