Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Review: is Hair Anion Dryer Comes With Quick-drying Hair Tools 1800W| Price Just $43.99 (Coupon Inside)


The Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Hair Anion Dryer offered for the best price, made of complete Aluminum Alloy body, which helps to lower the temperature when you are drying your hair, airflow definitely will be cooled down. Rotatable flat design of the Ions hair Dryer dries your hair according to your need.


The Xiaomi also pays much attention to the design of the high-quality H3 hair dryer for the convenience of users. Compact design of only 600g users can easily put them in suitcases, carrying bags for use in every business trip or travel. With a bold design in Japanese tone red and silver gray with no texture of any screw that Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Hair Anion Dryer was honored to receive the IF award honors the most beautiful technology design 2018. The main material of Soocas H3 Hair Dryer is the high quality aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy structure instead of ABS as other products of the same type helps to limit the condition of the machine is easy to heat up when used for a long time.


The aluminum alloy body is seamless, no screws , and the lines are clear and distinct. It uses a conical diversion guide that is placed on the air outlet to significantly reduce the resistance of the wind, and the disassembled air collecting nozzle, 360° rotation, double anti-hot wind nozzle design, 1800W high power, with constant temperature hair care, hot air quick drying, natural wind setting three temperature options, dual channel high concentration of negative ion output, can effectively remove hair hair, keep water Run shine.


Also on the body of the hair dryer is equipped with a slide switch to shut down and start the machine and the status lights operating status to help users easily control and monitor during use. Power cord with 1.7m length of high-strength PVC for increased flexibility, you can easily connect to the power source when using without fear of entanglement or lack of wire. Mouthpiece design for air intake is the tilting shield to increase the compressed air ratio for the machine. In addition, the cone-shaped navigation system helps to create stronger winds and diverts less baffled. Large-sized fan blades that provide greater compressive power with a powerful DC motor also increase the amount of gas emitted from the machine. Therefore, the effect of hair dryer is higher than that of wind power up to 1800W . In addition to this standard power you can also adjust the flexibility of 1000W or 2200W to suit your needs.


Unlike conventional hair dryers on the market today, after long-term drying, the high-quality Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Hair Anion Dryer hair dryer is equipped with high-density, The moisture on the hair rests on dryness or stickiness. The Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Hair Anion Dryer high-quality hair dryer is also equipped with three temperature options, including hot air for use in cold seasons, natural air for hot weather and stable wind conditions for use. for all types of weather. Users can easily switch modes thanks to the switch on the body. Safety temperature is also extremely sensitive to help quickly detect sudden thermal changes that protect the hair from damage.


The Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Hair Anion Dryer can help you have healthy and beautiful hair. The rotatable long and flat airflow gathering mouth design makes it possible to shape your hair according to the way you like. The 1800 W rated power is the just right power to dry your hair quickly without damage. The high concentration negative ions keeps your hair moisturized and silky. Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Hair Anion Dryer is now available on TOMTOP just at $43.99 using Coupon Code: HY6CFXH.


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