Xiaomi Mijia Super Battery With a Capacity of 2900mAh Launched


To everyone’s surprise and without prior notice, Xiaomi has presented its new Xiaomi Mijia Super Battery in China. This time we are faced with alkaline batteries capable of offering us a long life.

In detail, Xiaomi batteries and its Mijia brand are made with third-generation lithium technology, which is the latest technology made from this material. This is widely praised for its high capacity, cold resistance, liquid leak resistance, and low self-discharge.

Each of these Xiaomi batteries has a capacity of 2900mAh which can reach 2 to 5 times the discharge capacity of common 1500mAh alkaline batteries. Each of these batteries has a weight of 16 grams, being up to 33% lighter than ordinary batteries.

The internal structure of these cells has been considerably improved, achieving a larger reaction area and a higher discharge rate between the positive and negative electrodes.

These Xiaomi batteries have been called with the name of Mijia Super Battery. These are equipped with an explosion-proof valve, PTC, sealing ring, and 3 layer safety mechanism to ensure there is no short circuit or explosion during use. There is also a double membrane, which completely absorbs the electrolyte.

Price and availability

The price of these new alkaline batteries is only 16.9 yuan (about $2.38). At the moment the Xiaomi Mijia Super Battery will only be sold in China from the 20th of this month. We hope to find them for sale in a few days through resellers at a higher price than mentioned.

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