Xiaomi Mijia Video Doorbell 2 Lite Review – at $35.99 From Gearbest (Coupon)


Not so long ago, Xiaomi released a smart doorbell called ” Xiaomi AI Face Identification DoorBell 2 “, but less than a week later, a similar model with the “Lite (MJML03-FJ)” prefix appears on the market. This is the same video call, made of rectangular plastic in classic black color. The younger model inherited most of the functions of its older brother: recognition of human contours and his face, infrared night vision, two-way voice communication, integration into Mi Home, and interaction with smart home devices.


The main changes affected the technical characteristics of the device. The size of the case has decreased, and after it, the number of batteries has been reduced from 6 AA batteries to 4, and this, in turn, has affected the battery life, which is now 3 months. The installation of which will significantly increase the safety of the apartment. Has a compact size, Full HD resolution, night vision, face recognition system, we will solve security, two-way voice communication, parental control with the function of changing the voice of the owner of the house when talking with a guest.

The Xiaomi Mijia Video Doorbell 2 Lite MJML03-FJ peephole allows you to capture excellent day and night video in Full HD (1080P) resolution. The quality of the shooting is clear with the smallest details, it is transmitted to the screen of a mobile phone via Wi-Fi. The angle of view of the camcorder is 139 °. A night shooting option has been implemented, for which four built-in infrared sensors are responsible.

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In addition, the older model comes complete with a speaker that performs the function of a bell; with which it connects via a radio channel at a frequency of 433 MHz, the younger model does not have such a function. Only the transfer of images to devices with support for XiaoAI, or through the MiHome application is voiced. The Xiaomi Mijia Video Doorbell 2 Lite MJML03-FJ is also coming with a proprietary face recognition system; human face recognition is performed with high accuracy at a distance of up to three meters. You can add your family members to the database and the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorbell 2 video eye will automatically recognize visitors and send you a notification to your smartphone.

The Xiaomi Mijia Video Doorbell 2 Lite MJML03-FJ comes with a parental control system. If the child is alone at home, you can organize the preliminary transfer of all calls through the parent’s smartphone. Thanks to this, an adult will already make a decision whether to let a guest into the apartment or not. The system also allows you to change your voice. So, when a child’s voice passes through a device; it can turn into the bass of an adult man and thereby mislead the attacker.

When the security mode is activated; the Xiaomi doorbell automatically starts video recording when an object is detected within a radius of three meters. Video transmission is possible both to the user’s smartphone and to cloud storage. In the event that the peephole was closed by hand, a corresponding notification will be sent to the mobile phone. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorbell 2 is powered by four AA batteries with the latest developments in the field of energy-saving. This allows you to actively use the video eye for 4.5 months before replacing the batteries.


Xiaomi Mijia Video Doorbell 2 Lite MJML03-FJ comes with a high-volume doorbell receiver, even in a noisy environment, you can still hear the bell. Besides, the product also supports smart app connections. We can buy it from Gearbest at $35.99 by using Coupon Code: E5E78B06C1153001 in Flash Sale.


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