Xiaomi Milan 8H Spring Leather Sofa Launched Under Crowdfunding


Recently, Xiaomi has launched an 8H Spring Fabric Sofa and today, the company has announced a new Spring Sofa under the crowdfunding platform which is called Milan 8H. The product is made of full leather and its quality is the same as the 8H Spring Fabric Sofa and 8H Mattress. The price of Milan 8H Spring Leather Sofa is starting at 1399 yuan (about $195).

The Xiaomi Milan 8H Spring Leather Sofa is 59cm deep which can give a good support to buttocks and legs. It also leaves enough space for you to sit on your way. Its 23cm wide armrest, with a 124cm deep seat, is free to lie down.

The sofa frame support system consists of high-strength glass fiber. It is a high-quality metal substitute material with excellent fatigue and tensile resistance. It is often used in Audi, Mercedes-Benz and other luxury vehicles. As a support module for the sofa, it has a durability of 90,000 times and can be kept stable for 10 years.

The sofa cushion is made of Schcott latex on a high-end mattress and a separate pocket spring, filled with a sponge of different density. Schcott’s latex tape balances soft touch and the individual pocket springs provide tough, high-elastic support. Multi-level composite structure for a comfortable sitting.

The surface is covered with the eighth generation of Litchi technology, with a leather-like texture and wear-resistant breathability beyond the leather. The surface of the fabric has a delicate and velvety lychee pattern, and exudes a leather-like luster, giving the sofa a high-quality feel of a leather sofa.

The eighth generation of Litchi technology has a comprehensive leather, surface wear layer treatment, can withstand 20,000 friction tests, the sofa does not have to be careful when used daily. It has a good waterproof, oil and antifouling effect. When the liquid is accidentally dumped on the sofa, wipe it gently with a paper towel to restore it.

As for the prices, the single unit of Milan 8H Spring Leather Sofa starts at 1399 yuan ($195), while the double-sitter has a price of 2399 yuan (~$335) its three-sitters is priced at 3399 yuan ($475) and four -sitter price is 4399 ($615).

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