Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone Review: A Mini Remote Control Drone With Aerial HD 720P


As it continues its enviable growth in the smartphone market, Xiaomi is also silently expanding its variety in the nascent space of drones. The Chinese giant in 2016 presented us with the successful Mi Drone 4K to face the Phantom series of DJI. And recently, Xiaomi has launched a portable drone under his MITU sub-brand called Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone that offers great features for its compact size.

We all know Xiaomi because it produces cheap and durable items, giving users good value for money and this new product has shown that Xiaomi is ready to satisfy all of its fans regardless of their ages. As the celebration of children’s day approaches the whole world, this is a perfect gift that will make the smallest of the house smile for a long time. If you want to know it in a little more detail, below we will make a brief review of your specifications.


The box that contains the drone is a little bit of the totally minimalist style of Xiaomi, but in part, it is understandable because it is aimed at a younger audience and should be attractive. Still, it keeps something simple with a sky blue tone and an illustration of the product on the cover.

In the back, as it cannot be missing, are the product’s barcodes, the specifications of the drone in Chinese and the MITU logo, which clarifies the doubts as to whether it really is a product of the sub-brand of Xiaomi.

Once the package is opened we can see that the drone is practically unarmed, only the body is in a special compartment. Below is the rest of the parts and accessories necessary for proper operation.

In total, the box includes the following

  • A frame of the Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone
  • Battery
  • USB Cable
  • 6 propellers
  • 4 protective covers
  • User manual
Design and Appearance

Let’s start the description of this product and how it looks exactly. The Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone resembles the common drone but is smaller, it also comes in a combination of white and red colors. It has a compact quadcopter construction and has a one-piece frame that includes four extensions that are attached to the PU plastic shafts and these extensions carry the propeller blades. It works some approximate temperatures of 0 °C to 40 ° C.

The interesting part of the “blades” is that they are made of fiberglass that is durable and difficult to break; at the same time that makes them much more aerodynamic. In addition to this, it allows them to be completely safe for children to use.

The body of the drone is made of modified polypropylene (PP) low-density plastic, which resists certain types of falls and bumps. It has a weight of 88 grams and the distance of 11 cm of each axis makes it ultraportable, but at the same time, it does not give in to the stability provided mainly by the structure of the frame. Its total dimensions are 9.1 x 9.1 x 3.8cm.

This device integrates a unique frame structure design that takes into account the light weight of the fuselage. The lower part of the fuselage has a large area of ventilation holes to guarantee the heat dissipation of the internal circuits during the flight.

In the front, we find the camera responsible for making the shots, while the other sides have the power button and the USB port for recharging the device. The top orange is basically the battery, which in the first instance comes disassembled from the rest of the drone.


The small Xiaomi drone is equipped with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor that can quickly process data from several integrated sensors, such as a type of pressure gauge and also other sensors that contribute to making the drone stable in flight.

Our drone has the ability to save the data thanks to the 4GB of internal storage that is integrated, so far we do not know if it can be expanded. The battery can be removed from the body, with the orange top as mentioned above, has a capacity of 920mAh capable of performing up to 10 minutes of flight; The recharge time is approximately 60 minutes.

As we said, there is also a plethora of sensors, which include a barometer, an optical flow sensor, and an ultrasonic sensor. These sensors help enable features such as precision ailerons using the Altitude Hold feature and 360 degrees of Air Tumbling. In general, this means that users can make a 360-degree turn and a continuous roll for perfect action and a wonderful experience.

Camera and other features

To be properly controlled, the Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone supports a high frequency of the Wi-Fi signal at 5.8 GHz and low latency, in addition to being compatible with the EEE 802.11a band. You can get away from the control command at a maximum distance of up to 50 meters while being capable of a maximum flight distance of 25 meters in height.

On the other hand, it has a built-in camera to transmit first-person video recording (FPV) images in 720p HD format and allows you to capture still photographs at 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution. However, the integrated camera is not orientable but fixed.


The Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone can be controlled via Bluetooth via a smartphone from either iOS or Android. Among the functions is the autonomous mode, the take off from the palm of the hand, the detection of gravity, 360 ° aerial acrobatics, and other basic functions. It also comes with modes such as headless mode and rotates in four directions.

There is a particular function that is quite peculiar and is linked to the application for smartphones, this provides a kind of virtual game. The small drone of Xiaomi will be virtually located in a three-dimensional scene where the air fight is the basis of the game.

Among other things, with the headless mode, it is not necessary to adjust the position of the drone before flying. In addition, for a better control experience, users can also use a variety of third-party Bluetooth applications to control the drone that allows them to fly professionally.

The Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone uses the exclusive APP for its remote control to operate. Of course, in order to obtain a better control experience, users can also use a variety of third-party Bluetooth handles to control, allowing you to fly more professional.

We need to download the app by scanning the QR code in the manual. Next, let APP and MITU MINI RC Drone connect via WiFi. As long as the MINI RC Drone is turned on, the APP will find it and then enter the password to connect. The default password is “123456789” and the password can be modified later.

The APP supports some changes and adjustments. Here we can adjust the joystick mode, fly height, photo and video clarity, level calibration port and change the joystick sensitivity and other settings.

The MITU MINI RC Drone is equipped with a 4-core 1.2GHz SoC master chip that can quickly process data collected by multiple sensors including, barometers, and optical flow sensors. Accurate fixed height and fixed point hover can be achieved, and the flight is stable and the heading is accurate.

It has two take off modes: one-click and palm take off. Use the APP to control via the WiFi connection. The virtual joystick configuration defaults to American hands, the left joystick adjusts the lift and the steering, and the right joystick adjusts the forward and backward movements and the traverse.

In addition, MITU MINI RC Drone is not limited to fly, you can play at home and in the community, but also go to the park with your children to play. The multiple safety protection designed for children can make children safer when playing and parents feel more at ease.

With support 720P HD video recording and 2MP camera, 1600 * 1200 resolution still image shooting capabilities, built-in 4GB internal storage, support for high-definition real-time image transfer and other functions. Photographs and videos after shooting will be saved in the APP. The user can view, delete, and save it in the APP. It can also be downloaded to a computer via a data cable to connect the MITU MINI RC Drone.

In addition, MITU MINI RC Drone also has a headless mode, gravity sensing, four-way roll, infrared battle and other cool play modes. Remote control distance up to 50 meters, the maximum flying height of up to 25 meters, if you exceed this distance, you will lose control.

The unique infrared battle mode can make users feel happy in battle: multiple Raptor MINI RC Drone can play in 3-dimensional real-time scenes at the same time.

It should be noted that when playing Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone, do not play in regions with densely populated areas and other laws and regulations; children under 14 years of age and those who do not have full civil capacity should not play; not suitable for high wind conditions Flight; In addition, this product does not have GPS function, so do not let the RC Drone fly away from the line of sight while playing; at the same time, you must choose a well-lighted, clear-texture, and obstacle-free environment.


As a toy drone, Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone has no fly, easy to use, safety and other characteristics, the price of 399 yuan also greatly reduces the user experience aerial and test drone threshold. I believe that teenagers over the age of 14 should like it more. One can fight in the infrared and can fly up and down, and it can also have the aerial photography function.

This is an excellent drone that incorporates great features for its compact dimensions. So, in the case of being interested in acquiring the Xiaomi MITU MINI RC Drone, we leave here a direct link and coupon code: HYRC to the TomTop online store to make your shopping experience easier and faster, You can get it for a price on the offer of only $72.84. Use coupon and 220 points to enjoy price.

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