Xiaomi Mitu Smart Off-Road Building Blocks Officially Released Priced at 599 Yuan ($86)


Today, on June 5, Xiaomi launched a new product on its crowdfunding platform which is a Mitu Smart Off-Road Building Blocks. At 2:30 this afternoon, the crowdfunding officially opened in Xiaomi Mall, with a retail price of 699 yuan and a crowdfunding special price is 599 yuan.

Xiaomi’s new Mitu Smart Off-Road is a remote-controlled building block, which is connected by more than a 1000 pieces of blocks and then driven by a large torque motor, which can be controlled with a phone or a tablet.

It also provides four-wheel independent suspension device, which is a buffer device between the body and the tire, mainly for absorbing the vibration generated by the vehicle when crushing the pit and road surface. The synergy of the suspension device, also makes the control more stable.

In addition, the Off-Road Building Blocks is equipped with large-size high-elastic rubber tires in order to be able to travel on all terrain. Each wheel has a size of 105mm. In its system, the real AT tires are also considered. On the basis of not affecting the off-road performance, the drainage gully is added to the whole tire, so it can move freely in the desert or in the mud.

The new Off-Road Building Blocks are equipped with 2 smaller, high-torque motors with a maximum torque of 430mN.m, which makes the power output of the vehicle reach an unprecedented level of strength, and the climbing angle reaches 30°.

In order to avoid the vehicle idling on the complex terrain, the engineer designed the structural design of the front and rear double differentials, and also allowed the motor to transmit power to other wheels. The power output wheel was selected by mechanical structure, as long as there were 2 if the above tires are gripped, the whole vehicle can be taken out of danger.

It is also equipped with a high-precision digital steering gear which makes the control angle close to 1°. In terms of the rotation angle, its high-precision digital steering gear achieves a range of ±160° rotation and has a torque of 200mN.m. No matter whether it is driving in a ditch or a serpent uphill, it will not let you are disappointed.

The control of the intelligent building block off-road four-wheel drive is integrated into the building block robot APP, and only the Bluetooth connection is required to connect the phone. Graphical programming is built into the app. By simply dragging the modules with your fingers and combining them, you can control it, even if you don’t have a programming foundation.

Xiaomi Mitu Smart Off-Road Building Blocks have TIME, GPS, gyroscopes, and MICs, which makes it more diverse, depending on the capabilities of the required sensors, voice control, gyroscope driving, etc. In this new Off-Road Building Blocks, the main control has been comprehensively upgraded, fully open to the Type-C interfaces, and built-in 650mAh lithium battery, so that the gameplay is more diverse, if its multiple sets linkage, you can create a more legendary look.

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