Xiaomi MIUI 10 Developer ROM Released For 2nd Batch of Xiaomi Phones


Xiaomi is a company very much loved by the fans on account of its smartphones, mainly. Part of this is because of the great support that the brand offers for its products, even more in the area of updates.

Today, Xiaomi officially launched the MIUI 10 developer version of the beta system for the second batch of xiaomi Smartphones. Users of related models can upgrade online through Settings-> My Devices-> MIUI version. When the user of developer/stable version flashing with each other, you need to backup important data to the cloud service or computer, and then clear all the data by flash to prevent abnormal problems.

In another good news, Xiaomi’s second batch of the developer version of MIUI 10 covers another 17 devices, apart from the 10 that the first beta release had covered. These handsets are: Xiaomi 8 series, Xiaomi Mix, Xiaomi Mix 2, Xiaomi Mix 2s, Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi 6S, Xiaomi Note 2, Redmi Note 5, Redmi S2, Redmi Note 4X, Redmi 5A, Redmi Xiaomi Max 2, Xiaomi Note 3, Xiaomi 5X, Xiaomi 4S, Redmi 4S, Redmi Note 5A, Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus.

Upgrade Instructions
  • 1. MIUI 6/7/8/9 developer version can be upgraded online by going to “Settings→ My Device→ MIUI Version”
  • 2. For MIUI 6/7/8/9 stable users, it is recommended to upgrade to MIUI 10 developer version by PC flash. Please refer to the “Swapping Guide” below for the tutorial.
Important Note

Xiaomi Mi 6X will check the camera may stop running under certain circumstances. In order to avoid affecting the use of this public beta release, the public beta version will be repaired and released as soon as possible.

Detailed Log
  • New design with “full screen” as the core
  • New full-screen gestures, fingertip operations in the full-screen era
  • A new system UI to comprehensively visualize, echoing with “full screen” inside and outside
  • (Non-comprehensive screen users, visual upgrades are also clear at a glance)
Naturally Pleasant Sound System
  • Natural and changing system sound, nice and fun
  • System sound reduction and notification filtering strategies that greatly reduce sound interruptions
  • Built-in natural white noise, forest, ocean, summer night, fire, drizzle to help you relax and sleep
  • Dynamic wake-up ringtones, changing styles with weather and time and placing sweet voice announcements
Powerful and Easy to Use Voice AI
  • “AI” and MIUI deep integration, in one sentence to get the phone complex operation
  • AI training program to create and share your unique skills
  • Exploring the full-voice driving mode: voice messaging, messaging, navigation and songs
AI Faster Than Faster
  • The system has greatly improved with the hand, and the typical scene operation is smoother.
  • IoT interconnection is more convenient and more open
  • Negative one-screen information assistant adds smart home cards, making device management more convenient
  • Proactive reminder when connected to a connectable device and connect as quickly as possible
  • Xiaomi IoT and its eco-chain brand smart home appliances gradually access
Other Optimizations and Adjustments
  • Portal 2.0 further enriches and expands identifiable content; adds the translation, AI, and other capabilities
  • Picture quality AI optimization, applying clear magic to the low-quality pictures of today’s headlines and circle of friends
  • New optimizations for system tools such as clocks and notes
  • Fix WeChat small video is silent now
  • Fixed anomalous disconnection with some APs and connection failures
  • Fix the problem that the shutdown alarm has a small probability of failure in the shutdown state
  • Fix WeChat small video is silent now
  • Fix face unlocking failure / low success rate

The new portal setting entry is moved from “Settings – MIUI Lab” to “Settings – More Settings”

Mi Wallet
  • Add Xiaomi Bus to view the current post-sale bus card progress function in Settings -> Xiaomi Account -> Payment Information -> My Bus Card
  • Add Mi bus card page to display the default bus card balance function
Flash Guide
  • 1. MIUI 6/7/8/9 developer version can be upgraded online by clicking “Settings” → “My Device” → “MIUI Version”. Be sure to back up important data before upgrading.
  • 2. MIUI 6/7/8/9 stable version users recommend upgrading by line flash it will clear all data
  • 3. When developing/stable version of each other, you need to back up important data, and then clear all the data by flash to prevent abnormal problems.
  • 4. The new model has anti-flash protection. Please unlock the bootloader before the line Flashing. Click here to unlock BL>>

If you are a new user and not know anything about the flash method, so here you will find a flash tutorial.

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