Xiaomi MIUI 11 Launches New Version of Full-Screen Gestures Internal Beta Recruitment


Xiaomi opened the system desktop and full-screen gestures internal test recruitment and will start testing on January 13 (next Monday). New full-screen gestures and animation features include:

The gesture prompt line can be switched on the setting page. Users can use gesture prompt lines (small white bars) to achieve continuous fast cutting;

New gesture animation
  • New desktop animation for opening and closing applications, and recent task animation for opening and closing applications.
  • New gesture and animation experience conditions:
  • Android Q models;
  • Update to development version on and after January 10;
  • Install the internal test Apk.
  • Xiaomi said that if the first two conditions are not met, Apk can still be installed normally, but you will not be able to see the gesture function, but you can continue to follow up the update and experience other changes to the desktop function.
  • It should be noted that the new version of the internal test will temporarily block the following functions (subsequent internal test Apk will gradually support):
  • Split-screen (temporarily blocked the entrance of the split screen);
  • There is no one-click cleaning function for the desktop, negative one-screen, game acceleration, etc. (the function of clicking the one-click cleaning button for recent tasks is normal);
No preview image is blurred
  • Third-party desktops (third-party desktops are still in the process of being adopted, it is recommended not to switch third-party desktops);
  • Dark mode (the task page has not been adapted to the dark mode recently).
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