Xiaomi MIUI 11 Productivity Kit Detailed: Mi Work, Mi Go


Xiaomi Mi9 Pro/Mi MIX Alpha 5G new product launch conference, Xiaomi also officially released the MIUI 11 system and has developed a beta version for most models. It can be said that the fastest MIUI system update has been pushed ever. Today, Xiaomi official brought the details of MIUI 11’s efficiency innovation.

Smartphones are today an ultra-efficient tool that can’t be separated from life, and most of the work can be done on it. MIUI 11 provides tools to enable you to use your mobile phone to meet more challenges in your work and life.

MIUI 11 is how to innovate your efficiency through the details, let’s take a look.

Mi Work

Working with documents on your phone, in most cases, is to view the document. MIUI 11 new file management, you can directly view without installing a third-party app. More importantly, it is designed to view shortcuts for viewing documents and improve the efficiency of viewing documents.

When browsing a Word document, you can directly view the word count, the document catalog, and rearrange the document in a reading ratio that suits the screen of the mobile phone. In PowerPoint documents, you can view notes directly, which is especially useful when preparing for presentations and reviewing courseware.

When you look at the Excel spreadsheet, you can feel more intimate and powerful. You can directly adjust the column width and row height when viewing, you can filter the content of the form, not to mention in ascending and descending order, and even support the frozen pane, such as the frozen first row and the first column commonly used when reading large tables. We also added a handheld watch function for reading the form on the mobile phone. When it is turned on, it will display each line of data in the form as a card, which makes you look more comfortable. When you find the data you need, click the navigation button. A specific cell can be found in the full table.

Another big demand is screening. To improve the efficiency of the screencast presentation, it is not enough to just cast a screen. Thanks to the accumulation of Xiaomi in the AIOT field, between Xiaomi Mobile and Xiaomi TV, we have been able to screen in the non-networked state.

In the presentation file, in addition to opening the note, you can also use the virtual laser pointer to draw the key directly on the phone for demonstration.

In the case of screencasting, the most embarrassing notice that should not appear is also cast on the big screen, so we also provide a dual privacy stripping technology, your private information will only appear on the phone. In the process of projection, you need to urgently handle other things. You can use the small window projection function so that when you switch to other applications, it will not affect the content of the screen. If you only need to watch the screencast, you can also use the screen projection function to save power.

Mi Go

Another big challenge that often comes to work is to travel. Faced with this kind of task that requires a lot of preparation beforehand, a to-do tool that is open to the system reminder is quite necessary. We added a system-level to-do tool to the MIUI 11 notes, which was opened to the system calendar, and the system calendar interface was optimized for task management.

The to-do list also has a global portal function. After opening, you can directly call out the to-do list on the system desktop for task management. The global entry control bar can slide up and down without conflict with the full-screen gesture.

Long-distance travel often begins with booking. When the system receives the booking information, it will generate a ticket information card, which will be displayed directly on the negative screen. On the day of departure, the ticket information will be displayed directly on the lock screen for you to view.

The way to further improve efficiency is that smart travel will tell you some information you need to know in advance, such as when the destination has bad weather during the time you arrive, the system will take the initiative to remind you. Like overseas traffic, smart travel will also remind you to buy before you leave, so you can use it directly when you land. If it is a mirror tour, when you arrive overseas, the system will provide exchange rate conversion function on the negative screen, saving you the trouble of opening the calculator frequently.

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The Mi Work and Mi Go kits are MIUI 11s well-designed toolkits that promise to provide reliable help in your work and life. In addition, MIUI 11 also added a quick reply function, allowing you to reply to the message without leaving the current application; adding a menstrual assistant to the calendar to provide a care for the female user; adding intelligence to the incoming call ringtone The ringtone function, when the MIUI 11 recognizes the call as a courier and taxi service, activates a special ringtone that allows you to take action when you hear the ringtone.

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