Xiaomi MIUI 9 Beta Test Recruitment for Third Batch Smartphones Starts


After releasing the second batch MIUI 9 beta test ROM for a while, Xiaomi has opened the third batch to upgrade to MIUI 9 Beta test recruitment. Today, MIUI official has announced in the forum about the third batch of xiaomi phones for MIUI 9 closed-beta test, the ROM will roll out next week.

To be exact, the third batch which can upgrade to MIUI 9 OS includes Xiaomi MI2/2S, MI3 TD version, MI3 WCDMA/CDMA version, Xiaomi MI4 TD/WCDMA/CDMA 3G version, Xiaomi MI Note Dual Network/netcom and Xiaomi MI Pad 3.

If you want to attend the beta test, just open MIUI forum app, ‘MIUI app’>>’MIUI 9 Beta test’, record your information. When you sign up, you need to choose your model, MIUI version ‘Developer version’ or Beta version, MIUI official will check according to your points and activity. And then the admin will send you inner message.

Meanwhile, the beta test version is not perfect, there may be some risk, just backup your data first before upgrading. If you use stable version OS, you need to unlock and then use USB cable to flash the phone. The third batch to upgrade to MIUI 9 OS will include Xiaomi MI2/2S, which is good news for mi fans.


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