Xiaomi MIUI 9 Developer Release 357th Week Updates With New “Full Screen” Settings


Today for everyone to introduce Xiaomi MIUI development will usher in the 357th-week update, will bring 3 new features harassment interception support intercept overseas calls, Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2 new “full screen” settings, including virtual navigation Key and the application of full-screen running related settings, MOP recharge/payment support staging.

A key replacement data breakpoint support

A key change will support data breakpoint resume function. When the replacement of the mobile as an unexpected interruption of data transmission, in the resumption of transmission, will be interrupted from the last place began to transmit data without having to start from scratch, the success of the data is no longer repeat the transfer, only continue to transfer data has not yet started to reduce the replacement of the exchange Total time required.

1st, harassment intercept support Interception of overseas calls:

  • In interception settings open the “intercept overseas calls” switch, the phone can be Intercept all calls that are identified as being out of bounds, mainly to deal with the existing pain points of faking overseas harassment and fraudulent calls that cannot be intercepted due to lack of labels.
2nd, Xiaomi Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2 new “full screen” settings:
  • including the fake navigation keys and applications full screen running related settings. With the release of Xiaomi Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, the optimization of full screen is also in full swing in this week’s update will be Xiaomi Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2 models, increase the overall screen-related settings, to enhance the normal use of experience , The future will be on the full-screen gestures and other functions have been optimized, please wait!
  • In accordance with the use of habits, open/closed fake button function interchangeable can customize the installation of the App, select whether the full-screen mode of operation.
3rd, MOP recharge/support staging function
  • After this week’s update, you can use the millet wallet to pay in installments when you are recharging a large number of coins or purchasing cloud service members

Detailed Update Log

I hope this update of MIUI will make your experience more comfortable. So how do you feel about this Xiaomi 357th update?

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