Xiaomi MIUI 9 OS Screenshot Unveils Big Change on Dock Bar and New Themes


With MIUI 9 OS coming out closer, Xiaomi has released more news, besides system simplified, smart assistant, today it has released the other change on MIUI 9 OS.

According to MIUI Marketing supervisor, @Huang Longzhong, he posted on Weibo that MIUI 9 OS will increase three themes to meet different customized needs, which has been released by its official.

He said that its designer has talked with him about several themes of MIUI 9 OS, previously they mentioned  ‘geometry ‘design, which is one of MIUI 9 official theme, ‘Unbounded’, as follow,  when a new phone turns on, it can choose the theme, in addition, it has ‘Symphony,’ and ‘Hyun black’ two themes in settings to choose, adding the themes in default will be four styles in default. MIUI 9 design has not big change compared with MIUI 8, except Dock bar. We think this three exquisite themes will meet most parts of customized needs. If you don’t think it’s many enough, you can download over 53,000 themes in Xiaomi theme shop for downloading.

According to Weibo, we can see MIUI 9 will provide  “Unbounded,” “Symphony,” “Hyun black” and theme in default, four in total themes for users’ choice. The overall design of MIUI 9 OS will have no big change compared with MIUI 8 OS. Users will not feel impact or strange when updating.

The most obvious change of MIUI 9 OS will Dock bar, from his post on Weibo, in the new ‘Unbounded ‘ theme dock bar, the app icon will remove the name word, only four icons listed in Dock bar, more obvious and simple.


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