Xiaomi MIUI 9 OS Shows Ten Useful New Features, Especially Face ID function


Currently there are 21 models of Xiaomi phones which can upgrade to latest MIUI 9 Stable version, with each week MIUI update, Xiaomi also adds some new functions for MIUI 9 OS. MIUI Official has made conclusion about its new features of MIUI 9 OS. In these functions, face ID can be the most practical one.

1. Bus Mode in Default

Since MIUI 9 was released on August 9, 2017, it can support Xiaomi Bus card mode, which can help you take bus without taking the card.

Supported models:  9 models: Xiaomi MI MIX 2, Xiaomi MI Note 3, Xiaomi MI6, Xiaomi MI MIX, Xiaomi MI Note 2, Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi MI5S Plus and Xiaomi MI5, mi3.

2.Game Acceleration Function
When playing games, it can keep phone fluent, enhancing game speed function, there is phone call coming, mute the game voice, when playing games, block the low power pop out, etc.
How to use: Enter into safety center>>choose game accelerator>>add games

3.Set up main screen
Function:  switch to smartphone main screen fast and conveniently.
How to use: two fingers slide to desktop settings>>set up main screen>>choose the page that you want to set up.

4.Magic clear
This function is online on October 9, 2017 MIUI 9 developer version.
Function introduction: when taking photos we can take some beautiful images but with some other objects,  in MIUI 9 album, it has released magic clear function, just remove slightly.
How to use: Open album to choose a image>> Beautify>>Magic clear.

5. Face ID
This function is online on October 18 in MIUI 9 Beta version
Function introduction: MIUI OS based on AI face recognition algorithm can smartly tell facial feature and do compatibility accurately for fast unlocking by face. Currently it can support Xiaomi MI Note 3, Xiaomi MI6 MIUI 9 Beta version and Xiaomi MI MIX 2 MIUI 9 Beta version.

6. One key to change phone
This function is online on October 24 in MIUI 9 Developer version
Function Introduction: MIUI 9 adds this function to support breakpoint resume, when changing phone, it can start to transmit data from last time stopping, no need to transmit data from start, which can reduce time to change a phone, and it supports from Apple iCloud to import calendar and memo to Xiaomi phones.

7. Xiao Ai
Function introduction: MIUI 9 developer version can support voice helper, Xiao Ai, which can make you communicate with your friends more natural and relaxed. For example, turn on an APP, make a phone call, check the weather, and other questions, it can help you.
How to use: Settings>>More settings>> Gesture and press key shortcut>> Voice helper>> choose switching on voice helper gesture and press key.

8.Lift wrist to wake up
Function Introduction: It is online on Nov. 6, 2017 in MIUI 9 developer version.
When you lift your wrist, the screen is on without other operation, currently it only supports Xiaomi MI Note 3.
How to use: Settings>>Display>>Launch wrist lift to wake up screen.

9.Icon remove and set up in batch
Function introduction: It is online on Novmember 13, 2017 in MIUI 9 beta version. It can remove or create many files fast.
How to use: double fingers to enter desktop editing page, choose App, click the button on the right top.

10.Android O
Function Introduction: It is online on December 4, 2017 in MIUI 9 Developer version, right now Xiaomi MI6 beta version can support Android O os.

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