Xiaomi MIX Design, Hardware, Antutu, Camera, Features Review


When we thought Xiaomi mi note 2 will be the year-end flagship, they also announced the first concept phone, Xiaomi MIX to stand for the future. And Xiaomi announced Xiaomi MIX to sell on November 4. So Xiaomi MIX and Xiaomi MI Note 2 has successfully entered into the high-end market for Xiaomi. Today we will test this Xiaomi MIX 18K Golden RAM 6GB ROM 256GB version.



Xiaomi hasn’t used the slogan like bezel-less smartphone but the concept with almost whole screen. When we first see it, you may think of Sharp Crystal smartphone. But in fact, Xiaomi MIX is more excellent than Sharp.



Xiaomi MIX uses all ceramic design with good gripping holding, but it holds a little heavily, of course, still exquisite. Due to this kind special material, we are so worried about bumping.

Besides 18k golden on the back fingerprint scanner and rear camera, we touch it very smoothly and feel fantastic.


We all know, those bezelless smartphones are not the real no bezel, so is Xiaomi MIX. Simply, although it customized round edge, the frame on the right and left and the top is still obvious. But this kind of design can ensure the gripping feel and reduce the wrong operation.


Namely, Xiaomi MIX has not only removed the top part like traditional phone, but also improve other places, for example, designing the 8MP front camera under the lower right of the the front body, which narrows 50% more than the traditional module.


In addition, Xiaomi MIX has also used hidden virtual buttons design to make the bottom look very compact. And its navigation button has not included in 6.4inch screen. The content ratio keeps 16:9 and the screen to body ratio is up to 91.3%.


From the specs, the screen is not so stunning, it has 6.4inch 2K screen with 2040*1080 pixel resolution, 362 PPI and 1300:1 contrast, 94% NTSC color saturation. Meanwhile, it can support sun screen, night screen, eye protection and standard mode, etc. Compared with iPhone 6S Plus, compared with iPhone 6S Plus, the screen color looks warm.



In CPU, Xiaomi MIX is powered by Snapdragon 821 Quad core 2.35GHz processor, 14nm FinFET architecture, built in RAM 6GB ROM 128GB/258GB two versions, (UFS 2.0+LPDDR4). This Snapdragon 821 processor uses Qualcomm 64bit Kryo architecture, two big frequency has improved from 2.2GHz to 2.4GHz, two small core has improved from 1.6GHz to 2.0GHz. And its performance has improved 10% which can enjoy faster speed to launch apps and user experience.


In GPU, Snapdragon 821 is built in Adreno 530 processor, compared with Adreno 430, the image processing, computing ability and power consumption have improved 40%, and the running speed has also enhanced 5%, combined with OpenGL ES 3.1+ AEP, Vulkan, the previous products will also get the good experience with the game programming framework. Adding Spectra ISP, the dual image processing ability will also be improved to bring faster focusing speed, stronger photographing in the low light and higher pixel support.


We have also test Xiaomi MIX hardware by Antutu Benchmark, it shows the score up to 151200 points, compared with the standard of Snapdragon 821 CPU, during the smartphone performance of pressure, Xiaomi MIX CPU performance is similar to 80% in 15 minutes  without big change in frequency, so the performance is very stable. It demonstrates although Snapdragon 821 processor improved its 2.15GHz to 2.35GHz, it can still keep the stable performance, and Xiaomi MIX shows no overheating issue.


Due to GPS optimization, Xiaomi MIX can also support SAP auxiliary positioning, under the weak GPS signal, it can position by Wifi, base and other auxiliary way, compared with the traditional GNSS technology, the accuracy of positioning can improve 4 times and lower power consumption. In network, Snapdragon 821 is equipped with X12 LTE(MDM9X40 MDM9X45, two specs), supporting Cat12/13, and the downside downloading speed can support 600Mbps(3x20MHz), the Kbps can be up to 150Mbps (2x20MHz), the original base supports 22 frequency, not 6 molds 37 frequency, but it still includes 2G/3G/4G network.


Xiaomi MIX hasn’t used 23MP rear camera but 16MP rear camera without EIS and OIS, but the PDAF function has been retained. Let’s see the samples of its camera.


According to test, under the normal light, Xiaomi MIX picture shows dark a little, but the color restoring is under a normal level, as for low light, due to pursuing high-pixels, the pictures noise control very well. In all, this is a normal camera.

Other Features


Xiaomi MIX uses ultrasonic proximity sensor instead of Infrared sensor,  it runs the latest MIUI 8 OS with many practical and powerful features, and it comes with NFC function to support MI Pay, built in 4,400mAh battery, QC3.0 quick charge, and HD ultra clear sound quality and high position accuracy, 4G LTE, etc.


Xiaomi MIX is the first smartphone to keep the balance between high-end specs but also design and price. More importantly, it only sells at 3499 yuan,$583 which makes us give them five start good comment. Although the stock is not stable, we think it will not stop our passion for grabbing one. Come on.

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