Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 Review: Enough For Everything


Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 uses the first-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ processor based on TSMC’s 4nm process technology. Under the same performance, the power consumption is 33% lower than that of Snapdragon 8, and there is 12GB LPDDR5 6400MHz + 1TB UFS 3.1 storage. combination. The camera is a 50-megapixel IMX766 main camera, a 13-megapixel 123° ultra-wide-angle, and an 8-megapixel telephoto Leica triple-camera combination.

These are just the basic elements that a flagship phone needs to have. Compared with the previous generation MIX Fold and other folding screen phones, Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 has made the following innovations and improvements!


The thickness of the foldable mobile phones on the market is usually 16~18mm. The main reason is that the thickness of the mainstream water droplet shaft is 11.25mm, while the thickness of Xiaomi’s self-developed micro-droplet shape shaft is only 8.8mm. Combined with other technologies, the thickness is finally achieved. At 11.2mm, this is the thinnest folding screen phone at the moment.

On the left is the MIX Fold. The thick hinge causes a large gap in the screen when folded, while the MIX Fold 2 can completely fit the screen when it is folded. When folded, the thickness of MIX Fold 2 is only 11.2mm, which is the thinnest folding screen phone. When unfolded, the MIX Fold 2 is only 5.4mm thick, making it the thinnest smartphone ever!


MIX Fold’s external screen resolution is 2520*840, a typical special-shaped screen, which is too narrow to be used as a normal mobile phone screen. Since the 8.01-inch internal screen has only a 60Hz refresh rate, it is obviously stuck in use, commonly known as a “jelly screen”.

First of all, the external screen uses a 6.56-inch Samsung E5 material AMOLED screen. The 21:9 screen ratio and 2520*1080 resolution are no different from normal mobile phone screens and can be used independently from the internal screen. The inner screen is the first mobile phone product in the industry to use the Samsung Eco2 OLED screen, 8.02-inch size, 4:3.55 ratio, 2160*1914 resolution, and its overall display area is comparable to the 8.3-inch iPad mini 6.

In addition, the two internal and external screens have been color-corrected before leaving the factory, with Delta-E≈0.34. In terms of parameters, they are all 120Hz refresh rate, 1000nit brightness, and support Dolby Vision and HDR10+. On the left is the remote control (MIX Fold), and the MIX Fold 2 on the right not only uses a standard-scale screen but also adopts a four-sided narrow frame design.

In addition, we have tested a variety of games, and they can display full screen when using the internal screen. The weight of the MIX Fold is 317g, and the weight of the MIX Fold 2 is 268g, which is nearly 50g lighter. The weight of 268g is about 20g heavier than a common 6.6″ mobile phone, but when looking at it as an 8″ mobile phone, this weight is actually very light.

The specifications of Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 are as follows:

Design & Appearance

In the folded mode, the size of the phone is 161.6 x 73.9 x 11.2mm, which is not much thicker than a normal gaming phone. The external screen uses a 6.56-inch Samsung E5 material AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2520*1080, a screen ratio of 21:9, a 120Hz refresh rate, 1000nit brightness, and also supports Dolby Vision, HDR10+, Delta-E≈0.34

In the unfolded mode, the measurements of the phone become 161.6 x 144 x 5.4mm, and it is difficult to find a thinner phone than it. The insider uses an 8.02-inch Samsung Eco2 OLED screen with a resolution of 2160*1914. Since the screen ratio is 4:3.55, the display area is the same as the iPad mini 6 with 8.3 memory.

Other parameters of the inner screen are almost the same as the outer screen, with a 120Hz refresh rate, 1000nit brightness, and also supports Dolby Vision, HDR10+, Delta-E≈0.34

Feel it, in the unfolded mode, it is much thinner than the 7.65mm iPhone 13 Pro. In the folded mode, it is not much thicker than the iPhone 13 Pro.

The MIX Fold 2 adopts a flat design, and the left and right heights are completely straight after unfolding, which is 5.4mm.

  • There are three rear modules, a 50MP main camera, 13MP super wide-angle, and 8MP 2x telephoto.
  • Main camera: IMX766 sensor, 50 Megapixels, 1/1.56″, F1.8, supports SMA OIS optical image stabilization
  • Wide-angle: 13 million pixel ultra-wide-angle, F2.4, FOV123o, equivalent 16mm focal length
  • Portrait: 8 million pixels 2x telephoto lens, F2.6, equivalent 45m focal length

Xiaomi’s self-developed micro-droplet-shaped shaft has a folded thickness of 8.8mm, which is about 3mm thinner than other mainstream water droplet shafts on the market. It is also flat when folded. There is a Type-C charging port at the bottom, as well as a custom 1318 super linear speaker unit. There is a SIM card slot on the top and a custom 1115 super linear speaker unit.


1. AnTuTu

MIX Fold 2 AnTuTu has a comprehensive score of 1.069 million, surpassing 97% of users.

2. Geekbench 5

The single-core score of MIX Fold 2’s Snapdragon 8+ in Geekbench 5 is 1344, which is about 130 points higher than that of the previous generation Snapdragon 8; the multi-core score is 4294, which is 500 points higher than that of Snapdragon 8 Gen1, and the improvement is about 100 points. 10%.

3. GFXBench

GFXBench is very dependent on the heat dissipation capacity of the mobile phone, and the MIX Fold 2 has reached the level of mainstream Snapdragon 8+ mobile phones in all benchmarks.

4. AndroBench

In the Androbench test, the MIX Fold 2 reads 1959MB/s sequentially, 4K random reads 347MB/s, and 4K random writes 473MB/s.

Fourth, game performance test: all games can be displayed on the full screen and easily full frame

1. Yuanshen

Select “Very High” for image quality and set the frame rate cap to 60FPS. Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 can run on full screen, with a stable frame rate of 60FPS, real-time current of 1029mA, and real-time power consumption of 3.8W. After playing “Genshin Impact” for 20 minutes, the frame rate has been stable at 60FPS, the CPU usage is about 30%, the GPU usage is stable at 70%, and the battery temperature has been around 40 degrees.

2. Diablo: Immortal

The screen is set to a 60FPS frame rate, ultra-clear resolution, and extremely high image quality. “Diablo: Immortal” is also a full-screen display, the frame rate is stable at 60FPS, the CPU usage is 19%, the GPU usage is 78%, and the real-time power is about 4W. “Diablo: Immortal” ran continuously for 10 minutes, the frame rate was basically stable at 60FPS, and the battery temperature was only 37 degrees.

3. Peace Elite

“Peace Elite” was locked at 60FPS, and we tested it in HDR HD mode. “Peace Elite” can also run on full screen, the frame rate is 60FPS, the CPU usage is 20%, and the GPU usage is only 25%. To this day, this game has not caused any pressure on current equipment. We also ran “Peace Elite” for 20 minutes, the frame rate was always stable at 60FPS, and the battery temperature was only 37 degrees.

4. King of Glory

Picture settings: very high frame rate, ultra-high resolution, high-definition picture quality, anti-aliasing turned on. The honor of Kings” can also be displayed in full screen, with a stable frame rate of 120FPS. The running rate of “Honor of Kings” is nearly 11 minutes, the frame rate is always a straight line, a stable 120FPS, and the battery temperature is maintained at 39 degrees throughout the process.


This sample is slightly exaggerated. After pressing the shutter, MIX Fold 2 automatically adjusts various parameters in post-production, and finally generates this kind of photo,


1. Charging rate test

It supports 65W fast charging. The actual measurement time is 6 minutes for 0~20%; 10 minutes for 20%~50%; 13 minutes for 50%~80%; 16 minutes for 80%~100%. 0~100% takes 45 minutes in total.

2. Battery life test

Test the battery life of the internal and external screens respectively, turn on 50% brightness and turn off the volume during the test, and use the battery dog ​​APP to continuously run 3D games, videos, web browsing and other scenarios to test the battery life. The first is the 8-inch internal screen battery life test.

Test 1 hour power down 13%, 3 hours power consumption 40%. Based on this calculation, if the test is fully charged until the power is exhausted, it should be able to last for about 7.7 hours.

Next is the 6.56 external screen test.

Test 1 hour power down 9%, 3 hours power consumption 25%. Based on this calculation, if the test is fully charged until the power is exhausted, it should be able to last for about 11 hours.

3. Genshin life test

Use an 8-inch internal screen to play the game, the picture quality is set to “extremely high”, and the frame rate is 60FPS. The test starts at 10:50, and the power is 70%. At 11:10, the battery remains 62%. Based on this calculation, the “extremely high” picture quality + 60FPS, the fully charged MIX Fold 2 can run “Yuan Shen” for a full 4 hours and 10 minutes.


The measurements of the mobile phone and the screen size of the tablet! I don’t know how many players’ dreams this is. From the release of the Galaxy Fold in 2019 to the present, the author has paid attention to every foldable phone on the market, hoping to find a miracle foldable phone in my mind. However, from hope to disappointment, it is almost numb now.

Before receiving MIX Fold 2, the author’s psychology did not fluctuate much. After all, the various gaffes of the MIX Fold are obvious to all. Even if the MIX Fold 2 is improved, it will definitely not be able to satisfy all the fantasies about the folding screen suddenly. Perhaps the truly practical folding screen needs to be iterated for another 5 generations, and the MIX Fold 7 in 2026 should be almost the same.

When the Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 was actually held in my hand, I was somewhat shocked. Even when it’s folded, it’s really a phone in your hand, not a thick and long remote. The 11.2mm folding thickness is the thinnest folding screen mobile phone at present, and the setting is not much thicker than the normal game phone.

Both the internal and external screens have a 120Hz refresh rate, and both have top-level screen quality, the same 1000nit ultra-high brightness, and the same color accuracy. There will be no situation where the external screen is just a decoration in the past, and the 60Hz internal screen operation feels like jelly.

That’s a bit too much to say, so let’s make a brief summary of this review.

1. Performance

Limited by the thickness of 5.4mm, the heat dissipation capacity of MIX Fold 2 is definitely not as good as that of top e-sports mobile phones like Xiaomi Mi 12S. However, in the limited space, the MIX Fold 2 has done its best to improve the heat dissipation performance and stuffed it into the 2520mm² liquid-cooled VC soaking plate.

The actual measurement found that the performance release of MIX Fold 2 is at a slightly above average level among all Snapdragon 8+ mobile phones. The highest image quality of “Genshin Impact” can stabilize at 60FPS, and games such as “Diablo: Immortal”, “Peace Elite”, and “Glory of the King” can also easily full frames.

2. Temperature

The temperature is a small surprise. We constantly run various games under high load, and the battery temperature of the mobile phone is between 37 degrees and 39 degrees most of the time.

After running “Yuan Shen” for 20 minutes, the highest temperature of the mobile phone case measured by the infrared thermometer was only 41 degrees.

3. Take pictures

The 50-megapixel IMX766 main camera, 13-megapixel 123° ultra-wide-angle, and 8-megapixel telephoto Leica triple-camera combination can meet normal photo needs without any problems.

Under the joint polishing with Leica, the camera of MIX Fold 2 also supports Leica Vivid, Leica Classic, All Things Focus, Movie Lens, Long Exposure Neon Luminous, etc. Students who are interested in taking pictures can develop more ways to play.

4. Battery life

When the MIX Fold 2 is folded, the measured battery life of the 6.56-inch screen is close to 11 hours. When using the 8-inch large screen in the unfolded state, the battery life is still nearly 8 hours.

For a folding screen phone, none of the above is the point, although the MIX Fold 2 has done a good job! Think about what the folding screen can bring.

When you play games or read comics, you can double the display area; you can display the map and status in the upper half of the game and the lower half like the 3DS; you can play games and open QQ and MSI chat boxes at the same time; The itinerary code and health code can be displayed on one screen at the same time……

Extremely thin and light, with top-level internal and external screens, and a variety of folding screen gameplay, MIX Fold 2 can be said to be the best folding screen mobile phone at present, and it is also the first folding mobile phone that can be used normally.

Of course, the significance of MIX Fold 2 is much more than that. Its birth has pointed out the direction for a number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers who are good at learning. I believe that it will not be long before we see more excellent and practical folding screen mobile phone products.

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