Xiaomi Mjia 400 Gallon Flow Water Purifier Enhanced Edition Review By @Geekbuying


Another newly connected device signed Xiaomi. After that, the company has become known worldwide, thanks in particular to its smartphones offering an excellent price/quality ratio, the manufacturer has also launched in the field of connected objects. Indeed, last July 16, Xiaomi announced several connected objects (to have a house fully connected) several of which attracted our attention. Today, we decided to talk to you about a very special device: the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier, an efficient water treatment device. The Chinese giant explains this invention by the many problems related to water. Indeed, it is well known that many countries, including China, face difficulties in the efficient treatment of water. This is the main reason why, Xiaomi has thought and studied different ways, inexpensive as usual, to solve this problem of effective water treatment. The Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier was born.


The Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier is Xiaomi’s new connected device for efficient, low-cost water treatment that looks very similar to the manufacturer’s air purifier (presented at the end of last year). As for its appearance, it can be said that the device has dimensions fairly compact and lines very refined with a white plastic hull decorated with the manufacturer’s logo. The water circulation system deserves special attention. Due to the very compact dimensions of the case, Xiaomi engineers had to develop a unique design consisting of four separate levels and 42 components. The dimensions of the device are 410 x 260 x 205 mm. The touch control module is connected to the tap. It is protected from water and recognizes touch with wet fingers. In addition to control, this module displays the quality of water using a color LED. As for the installation, the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier can be set up very easily. Indeed, it has 6 adapters compatible with any size and shape of faucet tip.


First of all the device consists of 4 filters (each having a specific role), an economical pump and water channels. As for the filters, we can say that the first is made of cotton wool and is responsible for removing rust, sand, or large particles that can make the water unsuitable. The second filter consists of small grains of coal which has the function of removing the various chlorine additives. So the water will be removed from the smell of chlorine as well as some chemicals. Finally, the third and fourth filters are those dedicated to the biochemical protection of water. To do this, they take care of removing bacteria, micro-organisms or impurities that can create post-consumer illnesses. its water purification device is very effective. And if we take into account the figures published by the latter, there is a very high efficiency of approximately compared to that of 35% offered by the industrial solutions. Xiaomi announces, for its Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier, a continuous operation that could purify in one day nearly 76 barrels of water: a real bargain. 

And since we are in front of a connected device, the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier, like the other connected objects of the brand, also has what could be called ‘intelligence’. We will, therefore, be able to control its operation thanks to a communication via Bluetooth and remotely thanks to the Wi-Fi technology. It will, therefore, suffice to have a mobile running Android or iOS and to install the application of proprietary system: the MIUI. After that, the user will be able to activate or deactivate the device, monitor the status and use or provide filtering statistics.


Finally, we can say that Xiaomi always does well what he has to do. The Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier, like the other appliances of the manufacturer, is a remarkable water purification system. In addition to that, it is not bulky in its form, it offers adequate functionality and is compatible with all kinds of houses to ensure its inhabitants a very good quality of water. You can buy From Geekbuying at $469.99 For Discount Use Coupon Code: MJPURIFY


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