Xiaomi Mural 65-inch TV First Sale Date Announced


At the new product launch conference of Xiaomi TV held on April 23, Xiaomi Mural TV was officially launched. The whole body was thin to 13.9mm, and the double-sided flat design made the TV and the background wall seamlessly fit. The starting activity price was 6999 yuan (including installation).

The latest news from Xiaomi TV’s official Weibo, Xiaomi Mural TV will be sold at 10:00 am on April 28 (this Sunday). The platform for sale is Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi House, and Xiaomi.

The millet mural TV adopts a split design. In addition to the speakers and the motherboard, the power supply is also integrated into the lower host, which makes the screen part a pure screen, so that both the front and the back are flat.

The millet mural TV and the host are connected by a new generation of millet MiPort cable, which not only supports ultra-clear video signal transmission but also supports high-power power supply. The new MiPort line contains 30 cables, which can simultaneously meet 18Gbps HD signal transmission and 400W high power supply.

It is reported that Xiaomi mural TV uses Samsung’s 65-inch 4K panel, the aluminum side frame is a touch of blue, and built-in 22 genres, 45 artists and many classic artworks. Open the picture frame mode, the famous paintings can be switched at will, and the living room will change to the gallery. At the same time, users can also customize the display of personalized pictures, family portraits, photography works can be presented one by one.

Core specifications, Xiaomi mural TV equipped with Amlogic quad-core 64-bit flagship processor, with 2GB + 32GB storage, equipped with six-channel SoundBar and super subwoofer audio system, support Dolby and DTS-HD dual decoding, SoundBar built-in 6 sound units At the same time, the standard subwoofer (1-liter large sound chamber) is standard.

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It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mural TV supports all the functions of Xiao Ai Speaker. It can wake up the built-in little love classmates without the need for remote control. Even if the TV is in the off-screen state, mural TV can be on standby 24 hours a day.

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