Xiaomi Necklace Bluetooth Earphone Youth Version For $32.99 at Gearbest (21% Discount)


The hearing aids have become essential accessories in our daily lives, as they accompany us in that small moment of the day when we need to forget everything and listen to some music to get in tune with the activity we are doing, existing in the market thousands of options, among which we have the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones or the protagonists of this entry and the company’s new release, the Xiaomi Necklace Bluetooth Earphone, some devices that will put us to vibrate. For that reason, we invite you to continue with us to know what these hearing aids offer us.

Buy Xiaomi Necklace Bluetooth Earphone Youth Version For $32.99

The Xiaomi Necklace Bluetooth Earphone have a creative and versatile design that allows to use them on our neck as a necklace, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. The first thing to note is a very seductive minimalist style that is also available in 2 colors: black and orange, it is usual for the latter to be easily confused with the color red.

As mentioned above, these hearing aids are both comfortable and lightweight, weighing only 35 grams plus the following dimensions: (L x W x H): 85.00 x 10.00 x 4.00 cm, but not only do these measures contribute to your comfort, since we are facing a different design that starts from a “semi-in-ear” aspect. What does this mean? It consists of 2 parts: the free headphones ready to be placed on the ears and the base thereof, which simulates the shape of the neck so that it fits perfectly to it.

Earphones with an ergonomic design that come into contact with the neck of the user and are made of lightweight TPE that has a high elasticity, so that, in addition to not causing discomfort in the neck also prevents it from slipping, is say, it does not slip with the movement of the person. At the ends of this base, we find a high resistance case, where you can see a control unit consisting of a multi-function button (on, off, hang up and off-hook), a volume control button and a LED indicator. It also provides us with a microphone in order to use the headphones as hands-free.

They have a large voice coil that has an acoustic technology and is attached to a composite diaphragm, which is responsible for reproducing both realistic and quality sound.

The Xiaomi Necklace Bluetooth Earphone has a host of specifications that will brighten our day to day, being ideal for any occasion, while jogging, as hands-free, during exercise routines, activities at home or at work, in a few words, they will be useful in countless situations.

The most important of all the sections, so that the purpose of this type of accessories is to make us live an experience of calm, joy or emotion while listening to music, therefore, it offers us a frequency response between 20-20000Hz with an impedance of 32 ohms accompanied by a sensitivity of 100 dB, creating a quality sound without any distortion, getting all the music and voice calls have clear audio.

Without it we could not enjoy any equipment, so they consist of a lithium-ion battery of 137mAh that guarantees up to 7 hours of continuous playback and 10 hours of calls with only 1 hour of fast charging.

While this accessory is designed for any intelligent equipment, we must not fail to mention this aspect. It is fully compatible with Bluetooth version 4.1, so it will be perfectly compatible with our Smartphones, iPod or Tablets. It will also be able to maintain the connection up to 10 meters away. Xiaomi Necklace Bluetooth Earphone features.

Buy Xiaomi Necklace Bluetooth Earphone Youth Version For $32.99

Currently, we can find the Xiaomi Necklace Bluetooth Earphone in Gearbest for the price of $32.99, for that reason, if you want to enjoy this beauty, do not delay in acquiring it. Then we will leave the purchase links in case you are interested in these fabulous headphones.



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