Xiaomi New Concept Phone Images Leaked: Meizu Design and MIUI OS


Meizu smartphones are very popular with their unique design, especially its extreme screen to body ratio. Recently, there is a set of Xiaomi new concept phone images leaked online. And it is asked that if there is one day Xiaomi released such phone with Meizu design, will you buy it?

As the image showed, this concept Xiaomi phone uses narrow bezel design on its front with symmetry up and down, left and right,  adding double curved screen, the left and right bezel look more narrow, the overall screen to body ratio is quite high. Meanwhile, the phone bezel uses white color, which is rare to use, only we see often on Meizu phone, such as Meizu 17 series. If we can only see the front design, Xiaomi concept phone looks a little like Meizu phone. But its UI belongs to Xiaomi phone. Therefore, it will be the phone with Meizu design and MIUI OS.

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Anyway, this kind of concept images of Xiaomi should be not reliable, because Xiaomi will not try Meizu design. According to previous report, Xiaomi foldable smartphone has applied for many patents. We can expect more for that with that design.


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