Xiaomi New Design Patent Appeared: Rear Camera Can be Detachable For Selfies


Xiaomi seems to be researching some very unique things. While realizing a full-screen display, it does not use notch or waterdrop screen design. According to a new Xiaomi New Design Patent filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization discovered, Xiaomi may be developing a mobile phone with a detachable rear camera.The patent picture shows that the rear camera module has multiple lenses, which can be removed from above and assembled as a front camera. The module is connected by a magnetic suspension. However, according to the patent, the specific mechanism behind the design is not clear, but it is likely to include magnets, receivers, wireless transmission modules, etc.

From the perspective of design patents, Xiaomi believes that this modular solution can finally achieve a full screen without notches without affecting the sense of immersion, but this design may have an impact on the waterproof and dustproof of the mobile phone.

There is a picture of a circular camera module in the patent description, which may imply that any size/shape camera module can be separated from the back and then connected to other places.

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It is currently impossible to judge whether Xiaomi intends to actually implement this design and launch such a commercial mobile phone, but for the time being, this Xiaomi New Design Patent will be very interesting if it is implemented.

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