Xiaomi Official Announces Xiaomi MI MIX and MI Note 2 Starts MIUI 8.2 OTA Notification Today


In the middle of February, MIUI officially announces MIUI 8.2 update information, but in the second batch of xiaomi smartphones about MIUI 8.2 update, there are some models not receiving MIUI 8.2 OTA notification. Right now MIUI officially announces that Xiaomi MI MIX and Xiaomi MI Note 2 has started the MIUI 8.2 OTA notification today.

In addition, MIUI official claims that Xiaomi MI6 starts to upgrade, some of users will receive Xiaomi MI5 update ROM, if it goes smooth, this week they will send more users about Xiaomi MI5 OTA upgrade version. Last week, Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi MI5S Plus, Redmi Note 3, etc,  6 models in all has upgraded to MIUI 8.2.

In MIUI 8.2 OS upgrade, it adds the new desktop smart assistant function, according to big data analysis,it will provide more intelligent service, in addition, it also offers new OS sound effect, ring, auto task and complete management and other functions, stay tuned for more models receiving MIUI 8.2 Update notification.


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