Xiaomi officially Exposed MIUI 11 User: The Global Night Mode


January 12th news, Xiaomi mobile phone official microblogging voice: “For MIUI 11, what are your expectations?”

The highest voices in the comments are “Global Night Mode”, “Smooth and Beautiful”, “New Icon” and so on.

According to the official PPT, MIUI 11 is positioned as a “new and unique OS”. Unfortunately, the details about MIUI 11 have not been disclosed. From MIUI 9, MIUI 10 and other historical versions, MIUI has always been “stable, smooth.”

On MIUI 10, Xiaomi deeply integrates AI with MIUI. Based on AI deep learning, MIUI 10 prejudges the application to be used and preloads in the background in advance, achieving a zero-second instant start with a certain probability.

And MIUI 10 focuses on optimizing the system’s hand, the official said that when sliding the screen, it brings a silky smooth operation feel.

It is not difficult to see that MIUI 11 is bound to deepen “stable, smooth” and combine AI technology to bring a better experience. For example, on MIUI 10, Xiaomi based on the AI ?? algorithm brings AI single-camera background blur so that the single-camera phone can also capture the background blur effect of the double camera.

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At present, the official release of MIUI 11 has not yet been announced, we will wait and see.

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