Xiaomi Officially Releases MIUI 8.2 Update Today, Including Xiaomi MI2


Yesterday, Xiaomi has announced that they will release MIUI 8.2 update, today they have released MIUI 8.2 update and bring more features. Then they also announced the models which can support MIUI 8.2 OS.

First, MIUI 8.2 stable version has added the new desktop intelligence assistance, according to simple setting, namely, you can fast check the tracking package state, GPRS data, smartband sports data, e-book progress,etc and it can provide the suggestion about the interface of taking a taxi, bus, subway, etc in the right time on the leftest screen.

Meanwhile, you can scan the Wechat,alipay, etc on the leftest screen to reduce largely the time for daily use.

Besides smart desktop assistant, MIUI 8.2 has added the security center for all management function automatically. Users can use IFTTT way to make smartphone OS do different tasks in different time, currently, the main task is for OS setting.

In addition, MIUI 8.2 updates system’s audio, phone’s ring, the lock screen, screenshots, unlocking, camera focus and other sound effect have also improved obviously. Meanwhile, MIUI 8.2 notification design has upgraded from the single slide(left and right) of MIUI 8.0 to slide up and down, which has increased the efficiency greatly.

Xiaomi also announces that from today MIUI 8.2 stable version will be provided for upgrading by OTA or manual ROM install. According to official news, the first upgraded models of MIUI 8.2 has 24 smartphones in all for first batch. They are Xiaomi MI2, MI2S, MI3, MI3 TD version, MI3 Unicom and CDMA version, Xiaomi MI4 unicom,CDMA 3G, TD version, Xiaomi MI Note, MI Note Top version, MI4C, MI MAX, MI MAX advanced version, MIPAD 2, Redmi 1S Unicom/CDMA version, Redmi Note TD/Unicom Version, Redmi Note 4G single card, Redmi Note 4G dual SIM card, Redmi 2 TD version, Redmi 2 Unicom/CDMA version.

In the second and third batch, they will support more models, and the Redmi Note 4X will also support upgrading to MIUI 8.2 OS.

According to the first batch compatible models from MI official, this time MIUI 8.2 upgrade will not only support Xiaomi MI3, MI4 released two or three years ago, even Xiaomi MI2 also is included in the upgrading list. This is the first time to support so many old models.




  1. What’s the point of releasing 8.2 when its still on marshmallow? Xiaomi should have used the effort n resources to update the Android version to Nougat at the same time. Putting do much effort into the same Android version when Android 7 has been released is not optimizing resources

    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      My friend don’t confuse Android versions with MIUI versions. Many times, Xiaomi has included android optimizations in the version of MIUI that are based on previous android version.

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