Xiaomi Patents a Phone With 7 Pop-Up Cameras


Every year, smartphone manufacturers launch smartphones equipped with the best technology they can offer; however, they also try many new devices and technologies that they do not introduce behind the scenes. Fortunately, patent applications give us important clues about what these giant brands are trying behind closed doors.

Xiaomi, a Chinese technology giant who has opened one of the patent files in the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), shows us that there is no limit to pop-up cameras. Immediately below, you can see drawings directly from patent files.

Based on patents, Xiaomi is working on four different pop-up camera designs. The Chinese company, dreaming of placing 5 full lenses in a single retractable camera mechanism, will do something very interesting if it makes it a reality.

Although what Xiaomi imagines is interesting, patents may not always go into production. In fact, we can say that it does not go beyond imagination; however, the drawings in question give us a good picture of Xiaomi ‘s future smartphone designs. Perhaps in the near future, we can see flagships with 5, 6 or 7 pop-up cameras from Xiaomi. Who knows?

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