Xiaomi Philips ZhiRui Desk Lamp 2 Officially Released Today at $32


Xiaomi has rumored the news about the new gadget a few days, but they didn’t leak the product. Today they have officially announced new xiaomi product, Xiaomi Philips ZhiRui Desk Lamp 2 at $32, 199 yuan. It’s not only a common lamp, but also the master of  light environment optimization.


According to official news, Philips ZhiRui Desk Lamp 2 uses  double light source design, full brightness 1200 lux, which can provide 90cm large diameter of the illumination, improve illuminance contrast in illumination area and reduce the excessive strain by avoiding glasses frequent switching in and out of the light.



It’s built in light sensor, supporting  gamma function dimming curve, giving most healthy and comfortable light. What’s more, it can tell the night scene and start the night mode automatically. In design, it uses aluminum alloy and food-grade silicone material, which can resist to UV aging discoloration, boasting 10000 bending deformation. Philips ZhiRui Desk Lamp 2 can connect with Xiaomi Smart Home APP to control the scene and set up the scene individually. Right now it starts for crowdfunding in Xiaomi Official store.


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