Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Smart LED Bulb E14 For Just $15.99 at @Gearbest (Coupon Inside)


One of the sectors in which Xiaomi has begun to dominate in recent years is definitely home automation thanks to low-cost products with a high price-quality ratio. Among these, we find certainly the smart light bulbs of the Yeelight range and the Philips lamps made in collaboration with the well-known company. One of the most popular light bulbs of the last period is the Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Smart LED Bulb E14, a monochromatic lamp with white point adjustment and variation from warm to cold light. A particularity of this product is certainly the least common E14 attack compared to the E27 standard used on Yeelight.

This bulb comes with 8 LEDs whose brightness and sharpness are dockable to the user’s tastes. It is generally used for interior lighting decorations. It consumes very little power, with only a consumption of 3.5W, for this the bulb is considered quite safe and, in addition, saves energy. It comes in two presentations, the glass versions or the scrub version are available, both offer the best when it comes to lighting experience.

Adopts high-quality LED chips and an adjustable white light between 3000 – 5700K gives you excellent practical lighting with a professional optical design that protects your eyes. This is a good lighting instrument for the home and is perfect for lovers of nightly television who do not want light interference on the TV because it can reduce their levels to a minimum. The Xiaomi Philips Smart E14 LED Candle Bulb keeps your room illuminated and creates the feeling that your room is naturally lit.

With the Xiaomi Philips, Smart E14 LED Candle Bulb you do not have to move from your position or leave whatever you are doing to reduce the brightness since it is controlled remotely with the Wi-Fi system anytime and anywhere. It should be noted that you can control several bulbs at the same time with the same application.

The candle-shaped bulb can be controlled with one application, all you have to do is fix the product, download the app, and voila, you do not have to exert any effort to press the wall switch: off, on, dim, reduce the brightness, all that can be adjusted simply by using your smartphone to do all that. It is made of a very high-quality plastic material to guarantee a useful life of up to 10 years. This Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Smart LED Bulb E14 is available on Gearbest for $18.77 but with the coupon code: MIPSQ you can be purchased for only $15.99.


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