Xiaomi Pinecone V670/V970 Processor Details Unveiled, MI6 and MI Note 3 Will Use Pinecone V970 CPU


Yesterday, we have reported Xiaomi own processor, Pinecone has created an official account on Weibo which means it is not any longer away from its first Pinecone processor announcement. And Xiaomi MI5C will be the first to use this kind of processor. According to netizens, the first pinecone processor is V670, which adopts Octa core A53 architecture, which is similar to Snapdragon 808 in performance.

Xiaomi MI5C first used Pinecone V670 processor will be developed together by Xiaomi and Mediatek to use four A53 big core and 4 A53 small core, it adopts Mali T860 MP4 GPU, 800Mhz frequency and 28nm.

Besides Pinecone V670, there is the other high-end pinecone processor, it is V970, which is said to release in the fourth quarter of this year. Pinecone V970 will use four A73 and 4 A54 architecture, the big core frequency reached 2.7GHz, the small core frequency reaches 2.0GHz, It comes with Mali G71 MP12 and 900Mhz GPU. Other relative experts said Pinecone V970 processor adopts same 10nm architecture as Snapdragon 835, produced by Samsung, Xiaomi MI6 and Xiaomi MI Note 3 will be first to use this kind of processor.

Due to parts cost increasing, recently there are many smartphones’ brands have raised the price together. If Xiaomi uses its own processor, Xiaomi will control the cost and enjoy more advantage in selling price. Believe what we see.


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