Xiaomi Portable Voice Interpreter AI Translator| 14 Languages For Global Travel Business| Design, Features, Review


Xiaomi is known for its budget smartphones, but its ecosystem also includes other innovative products from its subsidiaries. But while the miscellaneous products are usually of high quality and come with aggressive price tags, its latest product, a Xiaomi AI Translator with support for 14 languages, comes with great features at a surprisingly affordable price of $51.99 On Banggood.


Externally, it looks like an iPod or the Apple TV remote control. The outer shell is made of aluminum and is available in two colors, a very light and a dark anthracite grey. It’s no bigger than an MP3 player and fits comfortably in any pocket. On the front there are four buttons; two that control the volume, one for recording or translation and a fourth, whose function is not yet completely clear. A USB-C connector is located on the underside, which charges the Translator in two hours. The 900 mAh battery should last for eight hours.


The problem is known to everyone who has ever traveled through a country whose language he does not speak. If both parties do not speak English, it is sometimes difficult to communicate. In Asian countries such as China, for example, this is even more noticeable. However, as communication between China and the West becomes more and more frequent and important, there are all kinds of devices, tools, and apps that help with translation. “Clever” translator Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator is similar to the music player Apple iPod, and its aluminum body is made by the process of sandblasting, as well as laptops Apple MacBook Pro. The device is equipped with artificial intelligence, which quickly and qualitatively translates the recorded voice.

It is enough for a user to record a speech in another language, press a special button on the case and hear the speech already translated into the desired language. AI takes into account even the intonation and accent of the first voice and introduces its edits into the translation. Voice processing deals with the translation technology Microsoft Translation. The device supports 14 common languages, including Chinese, German and English. There is a possibility of connecting a gadget to a smartphone on iOS or Android, and for the translation of Xiaomi Konjac AI Translator, you need a permanent connection to the Internet. Available USB Type-C port for charging the built-in battery for 900 mAh and audio output for 3.5-mm headphones. In addition to the capabilities of the translator, the new gadget is equipped with 47 other functions, including listening to the news, playing music, weather reports and more.

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However, it remains questionable how easy it will be for non-Chinese speakers. Will he understand commands in languages other than Chinese? The AI speaker from Xiaomi failed our test for this reason. Xiaomi AI Translator is now available on Banggood just at $51.99.


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