Xiaomi Prepares to Launch Another Top of the Range Smartphone Priced At $292


The 1999 yuan ($292) was the “mark price” of Xiaomi. In the last 2 years, with the rising cost of components, Xiaomi’s flagship handsets has exceeded this price. However, the latest news shows that Xiaomi will release a new flagship Smartphone in September, and the price will return to 1999 yuan about $292.

Today, a well-known digital evaluation agency leak the news that before the release of suspected Mi MIX 3 at the end of October, the company will hold a press conference in mid-September for launching a new high-end Smartphone and its price will be 1999 yuan ($292).

If the rumors are true, this will be a new phone for Xiaomi’s re-launch of the 1999 yuan ($292) price in a few years. The 2 Smartphones is closest to this price segment which are Mi 8 SE and Mi 8, both prices are from 1799 yuan ($263) and 2699 yuan ($394) respectively, the middle is nearly 700 yuan ($102), which can completely fill another new product.

After the launch of this new device, it will be together with Xiaomi Mi 8 SE/Mi 8, and it will be highly competitive in each position across the price range of 1500 yuan ($219) to 3500 yuan ($511).

The Xiaomi mobile phone of the year was configured at the price of only 1999 yuan ($292), but it was equivalent to the flagship product of 3000 ($438) to 4000 yuan ($584). After the time has passed, Xiaomi has returned to the 1999 yuan ($292) price and naturally wants to reproduce the ultimate price/performance ratio of Xiaomi.

In addition, Founder & CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun has confirmed that the new flagship released in October will accelerate mass production and strive for large-scale sales at the end of October.

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