Xiaomi Publishes Battery Charging Patent to Avoid Bulging/Flatulence/Explosion


I believe that many digital enthusiasts have heard more or less news about battery bulges and even explosions caused by mobile phone charging. In this regard, today I got information from the Qicha website that Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. applied for a patent, which title is “A battery charging method, device, and medium”. This patent publication date is March 23, and the publication number is CN112542861A.

The description of the patent reads, some electronic devices need to be in the charging state for a long time due to the needs of the scene, which causes the terminal and the charger to continue to be connected after the battery of the device is fully charged. Because the battery is in a high-charge, high-voltage floating state for a long time, the device in this scene is likely to cause serious problems such as swelling, flatulence, and explosion of the battery in a high-temperature environment.

The patent disclosed by Xiaomi this time can detect the battery capacity in the charging process in real-time when the battery capacity is greater than the set threshold and the current charging cycle satisfies the floating charge condition. Enter the floating charge mode in time to avoid dangerous situations such as bulging and flatulence of the battery and improve the safety factor of battery charging.

At present, there are many mobile phones on the market that can quickly charge up to a peak charging speed of 120W, and this patent of Xiaomi can protect the mobile phone battery and enter the floating charge mode in time when the battery is full to avoid danger.

It is worth mentioning that in February of this year, Xiaomi also published a patent for “Battery Expansion Prompt Method and Device”. This patent can effectively predict whether the battery is over-expanded, thereby avoiding the risk of over-expansion of the lithium battery.

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