Xiaomi Quadcopter Drone is coming lower 1000yuan at this end of month


Since Xiaomi max, Xiaomi MIUI 8 released, Lei Jun still feels excited and leaked that they will share more if you can watch the tv online. In the broadcast, Lei Jun introduced MIUI 8 application in details, and its system. Meanwhile, it also shows Xiaomi max highlights, of course, the product we are looking forward most is Xiaomi Drone. Because he has leaked the important news that Xiaomi Drone will come out at this end of this month. As for other details, he didn’t give more.

In fact, it is not the new news that Xiaomi will produce quadcopters. According to the previous infomation, Xiaomi quadcopter is not produced by Xiaomi directly, but investing the other company to produce. But it will be responsible for Xiaomi to sell. This company is Feimi in Guangzhou, the legal representative Cai Wei registered two companies in Beijing, Beijing Flymi technology co., LTD. And Beijing Flymi electronic technology co., LTD. The former is registered on May 13, the registered capital is $5 million.
It’s reported Xiaomi prepared Xiaomi drone will not enter into high-end market but sell lower 1000yuan. It takes the way of cost effectiveness to conquer the players. The machine adopts four axis design with camera function It can make corresponding flight movements, according to the bracelet trajectory, which is very cool. So are you looking forward to it?


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