Xiaomi Redmi 3A Confirmed to Support VoLTE to kill Meizu M3


Xiaomi has finished Xiaomi Drone live broadcast and Xiaomi Max announcement not for a long time, the latest news about Xiaomi is that they are planning to release Xiaomi Redmi 3A smartphone which focus on low-end or mid-range market which is different from Xiaomi Max. It’s said that Redmi 3A will be the best rival for Meizu M3 smartphone. We guess the brand competition will start officially.


According to previous rumors that Xiaomi is supposed to expand Redmi series, like Redmi 3A, and Redmi Note 4.We thought it just was rumor, but it’s amazed that we have seen the China mobile VoLTE smartphone list that it shows Xiaomi Redmi 3A including. It seems Xiaomi Redmi 3A will be released soon. And it can support VoLTE function. The Redmi 3A has code number, 2015810 to prove it has been confirmed early by the ministry. Xiaomi Redmi 3A is similar to Redmi 3 in its design, but Redmi 3A has removed its star pattern on the back and fingerprint scanner. As for its specs, Xiaomi Redmi 3A is equipped with Octa core 1.5Ghz, RAM 2GB, 16GB ROM, 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera, 4,000mAh battery, dual 4G LTE network.



What’s more, we have found Xiaomi Land is considered Redmi 3A in GFXBench but they have different specs that is powered by Snapdragon 435 Octa core 1.4Ghz, RAM 3GB. So which version will be Xiaomi Redmi 3A or Xiaomi Redmi 3A has more than one version? We are so curious about the new Redmi 3A.




From the specs, we can see Xiaomi Redmi 3A will be the best rival of Meizu M3, if it sells at 599 yuan cheaper than Meizu M3, Xiaomi Redmi 3A will be the other nice choice for consumers. Anyway, Xiaomi has released many models for users, there must be one you like most. Stay tuned for the released date and price in details.


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