Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro Design Upgraded with More Narrow Black Frame


When we mention ID bezel-less smartphone, we think of Letv first, the biggest features of ID bezelless smartphone is that it is beautiful with screen off, and it is more gorgeous with screen on. In fact, it is not only Letv, other Chinese smartphones use the similar design such as Xiaomi MI5, Redmi 4 and other series of smartphone with similar craftsmanship, and black panel has good visual effect, but if the smartphones use white panel, it will be not good looking with black frame after screen on.

Recently, there are some netizens on Weibo leaked that part of Redmi 4 smartphones with white panel will upgrade its design, according to pictures, Xiaomi will upgrade the white panel craftsmanship further, the black frame previously has been narrowed, which have been improved in visual effect.

Xiaomi officially said since January 11, 2017, Redmi 4 advanced version golden and silver in Xiaomi mall will upgrade the design, the black frame will become more narrow. And Xiaomi customer service has also confirmed this kind of design changing.

Compared with old version of Xiaomi Redmi 4, the upgraded version of Redmi 4 has cancelled the ID bezel design, after narrowing, it will be more acceptable.

Update: Gearbest is holding 3rd Anniversary event.

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