Xiaomi Redmi 4 VS Meizu M5 Note VS Huawei Honor 6X Camera Review


Most users have issue about choosing one from many products, when we face multi choice, we will feel very hesitated about making choices. Right now there are various smartphones below $150 on the current market, so we choose top three budget hot smartphone in China to help you know better, they are Xiaomi Redmi 4, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X.  We may care most about its camera, so let’s check their clarity, photographing effect and night photographing effect.


Camera Experience

As the first requirement that people care about, let’s see Huawei Honor 6X, Meizu M5 Note, and Redmi 4 photo interface as follow. They have nice performance in smartphone launching speed, focusing speed and photographing speed, and no long delay phenomenon.


Meizu M5 Note

Huawei Honor 6X

Redmi 4

Camera Interface

In photographing interface, they are compatible with their own UI, but they all adopt simple style, but in function setting, Huawei Honor 6X, Meizu M5 Note, and Redmi 4 have their own design logic.

Meizu M5 Note uses Flyme 5 design, all of settings are put on the top of the interface such as settings, camera mode, and filter,etc. which can let users set up by themselves without complicated searching.


Meizu M5 Note


Huawei Honor 6X continues to use the sliding operation as main logic setting, sliding to left means setting up the camera configuration, sliding to right means to set up camera mode.


Huawei Honor 6X

Redmi 4 interface designs very simply, filter lens and camera mode are set up in the first level of the camera interface, but there are some uncommon settings putting in the mode checkbox., it needs to open two levels and then it can choose.


Redmi 4

Color Comparison


In this set of Christmas sample, we can see they have nice color restoring in color performance, Huawei Honor 6X and Redmi 4 photo samples look more real, but Meizu M5 Note looks warmer according to the snowman from the window. in addition, we can see they have different performance in red and green color, in general, they all have their own style.


According to this set of sample, it shows they have nice performance in the day, but in terms of red and green color tendency, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X have richer color, but Redmi 4 shows simple green and red color which is not so rich.



This two samples are  the enlarging photo of three phones, Meizu M5 Note with 13MP camera and Huawei Honor 6X with 12MP camera have shown their original analysis to keep more details, and Redmi 4 with 13MP doesn’t take advantage of the 13MP camera to cause the details losing much,so we can see a little blurring.



This two samples are the enlarging part of this tower, compared with last set of photos, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X win over Redmi 4. But due to rich color of Meizu M5 Note, the details of its performance shows much stronger, let’s see the top part of the tower of Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X, we can see Meizu M5 Note shows details much richer.




This sets of samples shows they have high brightness in dark details part to keep more details under the bridge, but in high gloss, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X make high gloss low, we can still see the light pole clearly on the bright, but Redmi 4 can’t see the light pole due to over exposure.



Let’s see this sample under the tree, the overall design looks very decent, but after enlarging the building, we can see the control of high gloss of Redmi 4.

Close Distance Comparison


In close distance, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X still have nice sample performance, whether in color restoring, brightness or white balance, but Redmi 4 still looks a little blue in white balance in its sample, in all, they all show rich details in their sample.


In this rotating statue, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X have much brighter color than Redmi 4, due to Meizu M5 Note rich brightness, it is attractive more.


Macro contrast

In this set of samples, we can they have strong level but we can see they have their own brightness, Huawei Honor 6X has highest brightness, Meizu M5 Note is second, and Redmi 4 ranks the third. According to enlarging three samples, we can see more details retained on Meizu M5 Note directly.


In this scene, we launched Huawei Honor 6X to take the photos, compared with Meizu M5 Note, we found Huawei Honor 6X is limited in blurring effect, but the blurring is over large on the edge,there will be unnatural feeling.


Huawei Honor 6X VS Meizu M5 Note




Huawei Honor 6X Blurring Setting

In this branch of tree, they still show different style, in details, Huawei Honor 6X shows higher birightness, Meizu M5 Note is better, in addition, Huawei Honor 6X and Meizu M5 Note shows naturally in color, especially the green color.

Indoor Constrast


In this indoor sample, Huawei Honor 6X and Meizu M5 Note both have nice performance to show the details and light well, but Redmi 4 shows the white balance tending to blue issue, same as close distance sample. So Redmi 4 needs to improve in white balance.


This set of sample is same as the last one, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X show well, but Redmi 4 still tends to green in white balance.

Night Samples


Night photographing shows the phones’ ability, in this building night sample, they both have nice performance with enough brightness and noise control, which can stand for the high-end level in 150usd smartphones.


But they all have their gap, such as Redmi 4 in the light part of the ads board with over exposure, in addition, if we enlarge the sky part of this three photos, we discover that Huawei Honor 6X has more noise.


This sample is similar to the last one, after enlarging, we can see in the analysis at night aspect, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X are similar.



According to comparison of photo samples of three smartphones, we can see they have shown their nice performance in picturing quality or camera experience. In night analysis, Meizu M5 Note and Huawei Honor 6X are similar, only Xiaomi Redmi 4 tends to green in white balance. They can take nice photos in the day. Therefore, in your mind, which one do you like most?

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