Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X vs Redmi Note 4 Full Review, Which One is Worthwhile to Buy?


Last month, Xiaomi has officially released a new smartphone in 2017, Redmi Note 4X, aiming at 150usd budget level. In terms of name, it should be a variant of Redmi Note 4, therefore, when we choose a smartphone about Redmi series, we may select a new smartphone, so which one is more worthwhile to select, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X vs Redmi Note 4?


Besides different processor, they have difference in design, Redmi Note 4X still uses three step design, the antenna line has changed from plastic white line on Redmi Note 4 to trench, which has shown in Meizu phones before. In fact the white line on Redmi Note 4 is better for visual experience.


Due to different back cover, Redmi Note 4X has no difference from Redmi Note 4 in screen size, but it is 10g lighter than Note 4. And the two screws at the bottom of Redmi Note 4 has disappeared on Redmi Note 4X.


In terms of specs, Redmi Note 4 uses Helio X20 Deca core 2.1GHz processor, but Redmi Note 4X is powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core 2.0GHz processor, which has two more Cortex -A72 core, in performance, Helio X20 processor has better performance.

Helio X20 comes with Mali T880 GPU, Snapdragon 625 processor with Adreno 506, from performance test, the former is 20% stronger than the latter. But if you pursue ultimate games, this two processor may both let you down, even if it is Mali T880, when they play NBA 2K game, they can not do well. If you just play King of Glory, both can play well. In fact, 20% performance gap is hard to experience in games.

Of course, Snapdragon 625 processor has its own advantages, the biggest one is to use 14nm same as other flagships, compared with Helio X20 20nm, it is better. They both have 4,100mAh battery, under same operation and environment, Redmi Note 4X with Snapdragon 625 processor has better performance, as for how large gap they are, just depends on practical daily use.

They both use MIUI OS, there are no obvious difference, so they are similar in users’ experience.

Therefore, in terms of performance, if you want a stronger smartphone, Redmi Note 4 is a good choice, but if you want a phone with cheaper price, we believe Redmi Note 4X will be better, and it also has MIKU green version.

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