Xiaomi Redmi Pro Tear Down Review and Coupon Available


Xiaomi Redmi Pro has released for some time, and it is famous for its dual rear camera and competitive price. But we don’t know how its quality is. So today we will tear down Xiaomi Redmi Pro to check if it’s worthy buying.
Right now we will test this Xiaomi Redmi Pro RAM 4GB ROM 128GB, powered by MTK X25 processor. Other aspects are same as other three versions.


First, we take SIM card Tray out, the SIM card Tray is located on the left side of Redmi Pro. SIM 1 is Micro SIM card slot, SIM 2 is Nano SIM card slot and TF card slot.


Redmi Pro uses metal unibody, so we face the problem to tear down first, the middle frame with plastic is fixed by metal back cover by card button. So we have to open by a tool. And there will be some traces in teardown process. Opening the back cover, then we can see Redmi Pro inner structure. It uses the common three step, green PCB panel is on the upper half part.


We need to take the battery down, the battery is fixed in adhesives with frame, Redmi Pro uses 4050mAh battery,  the battery capacity is considerable.


Taking battery out, the inner structure becomes more clear. We can see the black loudspeaker at the bottom of the phone lining up from left to right. The black button cable under the battery is the main part of the body.


Next step we need to screw the 14 screws down that fixed the mainboard and speaker cavity.


Remove speaker cavity and metal cover fixed vibration motor, we see more about tear-down is to add fixed metal on the flat cables. It’s rare to see to  reinforce on vibration motor.


Disconnect the different line of the body, stick the corresponding IMEI barcode on the shield of main board.


After disconnect the lines, each main board of the middle frame can be taken down, first take the little panel below the speaker cavity at the bottom down, there is some power IC, Type C port and connect main board line slots we can see.


The volume button line on the side of the body.

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Redmi Pro dual rear camera


After disconnecting all of lines, then take the main board down, Redmi Pro uses green PCB panel, it seems to save more cost compared with Black PCB.


Main board part puts aside, then see what is left on mid-frame, first, it’s the vibration module on the left.


The receiver module on the top of the body, inner architecture and parts are similar to other common smartphones.


Home button line and power IC are at the bottom.


Then tear down the main board part, first tear down the little parts on the main board, a front 5MP camera is same as used by Lei Jun in the press conference.


Redmi Pro dual rear camera is different from other phones with this design. Its back camera has a main rear camera and a camera for depth of field.  As a first dual rear camera flagship, Redmi Pro dual rear camera module is similar to HTC One M8.


Dual rear camera and front camera prints factory and model information on the baseband.


The middle gap on dual rear camera module is dual tone LED flashlight. In the interior of the metal back shell posted lots of graphite used for heat dissipation. And the metal back cover has better cooling effect than that of polycarbonate material.


Take away this side of the two metal shield, fortunately,we discover the dismantling shield is not welded tightly on the main board.


MTK MT6351V power IC is same as that of Meizu Pro 6 and Meizu M3 Note.


Rf amplifier RF5228, integration of GSM/EDGE coverage and antenna switch function.


Rf IC: MTK MT6176V.


2.5 GHz Helio X25 Deca core processor is packed with storage together.


Therefore, these are the tear-down about Redmi Pro. In general, the inner structure of Redmi pro is not so complicated. The components placement is not very different from other similar products. So in terms of price and quality, Xiaomi Redmi Pro can be considered one of the best smartphones until now. By the way, you can use this exclusive coupon code: IGEEKRedpro ,   Coupon price:$319.99.


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