Xiaomi Released the First Child Seat: Bionic Design Comparable to the original car seat


As the only Xiaomi eco-chain company dedicated to car-driving products, on May 21st, Xiaomi launched the new series and released its first product, the First Child Seat, designed for children aged 3-12. The rail-level safety seat combines safety and comfort. It not only has a sense of sitting and is comparable to the original car but also escorts the child.    The key moment can ensure the safety of children is the primary task of the child safety seat. The child safety seat aims to protect children’s safety. It strictly follows international standards in design and material selection and passes the national 3C certification and EU ECE certification. Performance on crash-test data is far superior to international standards.

The seat lining is a car-grade cold-blown BASF polyurethane material, which is closely connected with the leather fabric and the ABS injection molding skeleton through a one-piece patented technology so that the seat cushion becomes a whole. In the event of an emergency, the seat deformation can be effectively reduced. The seat body of the PP material injection molding process makes it more impact resistant and effectively protects children’s safety.

The 70-innovative process creates a car-grade cold-blown BASF polyurethane seat cushion that applies the cold foaming technology of the original car seat to the seat cushion of the child seat. When subjected to external impact, the cushion relies on its high-density polyurethane lining to absorb energy by its own deformation buffer, which quickly disperses the impact of the force and protects the child.

The cold foamed polyurethane cushion can quickly restore and support the child’s body after deformation and energy absorption, avoiding secondary stress. The cold foamed polyurethane material used in the child safety seat is far superior to the traditional safety seat sponge, EPS, EPP, and other materials in terms of shock absorption, flexibility, and stability. It is said that throwing raw eggs will not break.

The high-density cold-foamed polyurethane material up to 8 cm thick also greatly enhances the ride comfort of the child safety seat. When fully bearing the child’s weight, the body is still far away from the injection frame, and the body is soft and supportive so that the child can sit for a long time. Tireless, safety performance and sitting comfort are up to the high-end original car seat level.

The Child safety seat adopts the one-piece pull-out ISOFIX hard-connecting interface. The material is made of car-grade steel SPFH540, and the automatic robot is welded to avoid the uneven interface caused by manual welding, which makes the structure of the safety seat more stable. Inside the base, the ISOFIX interface is reinforced in both directions by latitude and longitude to ensure the interface is safe and reliable.

The seat is ergonomically designed to fit the child’s buttocks, effectively fixing the sitting position. It is not easy to sit for a long time and is not tired and does not affect the child’s growth and development. With the original three-point seat belt, children aged 3-12 can travel safely and freely. At the same time, the seat back can be adjusted in two angles to allow the child to find the most comfortable sitting position.

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The XIaomi Child Safety Seat is available in two colors, the rose is bright and vivid so that the child seat becomes a landscape inside the car; the pure black is perfectly integrated with the original car interior style, and it is cool and versatile.


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