Xiaomi Releases Smart Door Lock M20 Large Screen Cat Eye Version at 1,899 yuan,$279


This morning, Xiaomi officially announced the launch of intelligent door lock M20 large screen cat eye version, compared to the previous generation has significantly upgraded, has been directly opened presale, hand price 1899 yuan,$279.

In terms of appearance design, Xiaomi smart door lock M20 large screen cat eye version of the whole and the previous generation is basically the same, using a relatively simple scheme, only in the internal handle above the increase of a 3.97 inch IPS screen.

This screen can adjust the picture left and right according to the front door monitoring range, select the appropriate range, when visitors ring the doorbell, the screen will automatically light up to view the environment outside the door in time, and support multi-screen linkage through other large-screen devices to view the front door picture, more convenient.

The door handle has a wide-angle camera and a highly sensitive image sensor, allowing for clear capture at night.

The ultra-wide Angle camera has 180° ultra-wide Angle and 2K ultra-clear resolution, and the picture is very clear. It is equipped with all-weather AI humanoid monitoring video algorithm, real-time monitoring of anomalies in front of the door and timely alarms, and supports 3-day cycle recording free cloud storage.

It is worth mentioning that the door lock and the corresponding protection function, alone at home can choose to change the function and outdoor dialogue, optional clown, uncle sound.

Support fingerprint unlock, password unlock, cycle/one-time password, NFC password, mobile phone Bluetooth unlock and other unlocking methods, can be linked to smart home.

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Xiaomi smart door lock M20 large screen cat eye version uses dual power supply system, the door lock is powered by 8 dry batteries, can run for 12 months, cat eye is rechargeable 5000mAh double cell lithium battery, can run for 4-6 months.


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