Xiaomi Replacement PP Cotton Water Filter Element For Xiaomi Water Purifier Review (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi mi water purifier PP cotton filter for daily use, PP cotton filter can effective filter dust, mud, sand, rust, bug, hair, fiber, etc. Mi Water Purifier Smartphone remote control, you can check the service life of filter at any time, Filter can remove 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, bacteria, heavy metal, organic matter, etc.


PP Cotton Water Filter Element Compatible with Xiaomi Mi water purifier. Made from superior PP cotton has a strong capacity to resist PM particulate matters about 5 microns. A quality PP cotton filter with 5-micron­ filter accuracy to remove sediment, rus­t, red worms, hair, fibers and other lar­ge impurities. An activated coconut carbon filter to re­duce discoloration, odor, chlorine taste­ and volatile organic compounds. Dow/GE reverse osmosis membranes with 0.­0001 micron filtration accuracy to purif­y up to 95% more than the industry stand­ard. A post-filter activated coconut carbon f­ilter to improve the taste of the water. Aside from these technicalities, the Mi ­Water Purifier (which Xiaomi says can pu­rify up to 76 barrels of water per day) ­is also said to be the world’s first int­egrated waterway with no leakage. It can­ be installed in three easy steps by rem­oving the tap bubbler, attaching the con­nection adapter, and connecting the puri­fier faucet. Its base area of 205 x 260 ­x 410mm means that it occupies a smaller­ footprint compared to a piece of A4 pap­er. Xiaomi has designed this water filter opting for a simple and minimalist finish in white that matches the Mi Water Purifier and because of its dimensions of 25 cm high, 5 cm in diameter and weight of 330 grams will not occupy great space when it is located in any corner of the house or office.


PP Cotton filter with 5-micron filter accuracy, activated coconut carbon filter to reduce discoloration, odor, chlorine taste and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), an RO membrane for 0.0001-micron filter accuracy and post-filter activated coconut carbon filter to improve the taste of water. It offers 1.0L/min water flow and 1:1 high water production rate. People want to open the tap and be able to drink clean water. At the moment only technology RO reverse osmosis water filtration can help resolve this issue. The most accurate filtering technology of water – up to 01% 0 mm (0.0001mkm), the destruction of almost all bacteria, antibiotics and water purification from heavy metals, scale, etc. 4 levels of filtering system, multi-layer purification, removing the possibility of secondary pollution. The world’s leading supplier of filters, as a result, you get drinking water that meets the standards of treated water bottling.

The Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Cotton Filter it is important to emphasize that its installation will only take a few seconds while among its most important features highlights its filtering process thanks to the precision of 5 micrometers that gives it its efficient cotton filter which is able to remove the smallest impurities that usually accumulate in the water such as dust, mud, grit and hairs in up to 99.9%, thus reducing the high turbidity levels of the vital liquid.

After the tap water received in the filter, it first passes through detoxification of PP cotton filter cartridge, which has no odor. Thus begins the primary water treatment. The first level of filtering accuracy of 5 microns, can remove the sediments of the pipeline, dust, and other large impurities. In order to extend the life, the design of the PP cotton filter cartridge Mi Water Purifier is soft on the outside and smooth inside and spends it gradually from outside to the inside, layer by layer. This not only increases the utilization rate of the filter cartridge but also prevents secondary contamination of the water.

In the connectivity section, it is worth highlighting the integration of the QR code on the side of the filter that will take you to the Smart Home application through your smartphone with Wi-Fi connection with which you will be able to know in real time what is left of its useful life, the current filtering level of the water as well as the appropriate time to perform the recommended replacement is from 3 to 6 months after installation.


Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Cotton Filter we have delved into the benefits of this efficient and necessary filter thanks to which the water purifier can continue to do its work as well as it has done so far and that currently has a reduction time of 17%. Easy and quick installation, efficient filtering process with 5-micrometer precision cotton, eliminates up to 99.9% water impurities, use status information through My Smart Home APP. Xiaomi mi water purifier PP cotton filter has Three Version you can Buy from Geekbuying.

  1. Activated carbon pre-filter at $25.99 use Coupon Code: MIELECP
  2. RO filter at $103.99 use Coupon Code: MIELERO3
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  4. PP cotton filter at $22.99

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