Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Dual USB Car Charger Design, Feature, Review (Flash Sale)


Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S is a kind of Bluetooth player. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, via your car media player, play music stored in the phone memory. Forget about need to copy your favorite music on a flash drives, SD cards and CD, besides you can also use the GPS function of the transmitter. Rodmi transmitter is equipped with two USB ports for fast charging of other devices, so you can play music from your mobile and at the same time charge it. To take full advantage of these benefits, you need only to insert the device into the cigarette lighter of the car and make a few simple adjustments. Device does not take up much space, but makes your car more modern.


Conductive material of the device, use of refined steel, which was processed on CNC lathes (Switzerland), and then gave in for repeated manual polishing technology. Device prevents poor connection, avoids excessive heat and other security risks. For external casing, we used high-quality seamless polycarbonate mold, V0 grade material. In addition, so the material meets standards of fire resistance, thickness of flame retardant material is 1 mm. Thus, the device became resistant to temperatures of up to 7500.


Roidmi transmitter is equipped with Smart USB chip from the American company Texas Instruments. It is not only safe, but also is able to automatically recognize the device and to distribute power, and its conversion rate reaches to 91%. While you are driving, Roidmi serves for two purposes ?to play music while charging your phone. Device has two USB ports, the total output of current can reach to 3.4A. Output voltage of a single port device reaches to 2.1A, and supports a wide voltage of 12 / 24V DC, compatible with Android, iPhone and Pad. Forget about complicated and inconvenient cable connection devices. Now you can confine just with installation of Roidmi transmitter into cigarette lighter and through the use of mobile APP, connect your phone to the device via Bluetooth. At the same time, Roidmi boasts with Smart feature to continue playing a previously paused track. For example, early in the morning, you get in the car where the device continues to play.


For Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S used OEM production, which meets strict and demanding requirements. Since this device is intended for car use, in which the temperature can vary from -400? to 800?, we conducted a rigorous testing of aging and endurance of device. More than 200 reliable tests confirmed that Roidmi meets standards, so that it is positioned as a quality product that meets the highest requirements. you can buy Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S From Zapals at $16.99 .

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