Xiaomi Smart Camera Review – 1080p Night Vision Camera at $19.99 From Gearbest


The Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition can provide 1080P Full HD video images, with a maximum frame rate of 20fps, support non-disturbance enhanced night vision, and IP65 dustproof and waterproof, suitable for a variety of outdoor places.

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This Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition comes with a round body in which it rests on top of a magnetic base. This magnetic support allows us to place the camera on a refrigerator, railing, or any metal surface that allows magnetization. In this way, the camera goes more unnoticed and we can hide it wherever we want. This new compact version of your Xiaomi Smart Camera improves the viewing angle ratio. This time we went from 130º that the existing version had to 170º. Thus allowing the user to collect images with a greater viewing angle. To withstand the elements, the Chinese company has added protection to water and dust with IP65.

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Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition can detect the presence of humans, thus being “intelligent”. It is said to be smart since programmed algorithms allow the camera to process images to discard moments of changes in lighting, animals, or birds. Resulting in that it will only send the user presence notifications when it has detected people within its 170º ratio. Either at night or during the day, this mini camera can record images at night thanks to the implementation of a night vision.

Finally and as a closing of its specifications, we find a double speaker and microphone that allows the user to speak through the Mi Home application. Where we can control all the camera options as well as the creation of smart scenes with the other Xiaomi products. Unlike the version that we already knew until now and that allowed the recording of images outdoors. This new version does not add a battery and needs to be used with the cable. This mic and speaker work as if it were a telephone call. Reducing the lag between the sound and the incoming and outgoing voice.


This Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition accepts Micro SD as well as saving images and video in the cloud, we can make the purchase from Gearbest at a price of $19.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Camera From Gearbest


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