Xiaomi Smart Router 3C WiFi Repeater Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Have you ever meditated on an online movie progress bar or participated in a family debate each time you wanted to download a large file? If someone calculated an average time people spend troubleshooting internet connection, it would be equivalent to at least one day of their lives. Xiaomi knows the value of our time. A new Mi WiFi Router 3C is best positioned to help deal with quirks of Internet connection and provide a hassle-free internet session for every member of the family. It is equipped with a signal amplifier, connects to a mobile app and provides a high level of safety and security.


Such an assistant is surely taking the most prominent place in the house! Antennas make the router look elegant and noble. They can be pointed in various directions where a more powerful signal is preferred. Comparing to Mi WiFi 3, it has shrunk in size — 195×25×107 mm — and gained a little bit of Weight — 241 gram. Multiple slots on back side reduce the risk of an over temperature trip when working for a long stretch. Built from ABS plastic, the Mi Router 3C is fairly light at just 241 grams and looks quite nice. For a device that will mostly lie forgotten in some corner of your house, we have to hand it to Xiaomi for going the extra mile with the design. The Xiaomi Mi Router 3C doesn’t need a lot of space so it’s easy to squeeze it in anywhere. It’s only available in white so it probably won’t blend in with most of your other home electronics.


Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3C carries 4 high-gain omnidirectional antennas, providing a stable internet connection and spreading powerful WiFi signal to every corner of your house. Such configuration is the best bet to juggle multiple members in the network. In comparison with a previous model, this router has simplified tech characteristics: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n IEEE, 2.4 GHz frequency and speed up to 300 Mb / s. The router works flawlessly and fulfills the needs of the whole family. The number of devices that have internet access increases in geometric progression. Modern routers must cope with a large flow of information and deliver a qualitative signal to several receivers. Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3C is a one-size-fits-all solution. For a continuous and seamless connection, its primary memory was expanded 8 fold! 64 Mb of flash memory guarantees a dreamlike internet atmosphere. Xiaomi has been vocal about providing a safe interaction with its devices with respect to technical capabilities as well as ensuring information privacy. The company implemented a 7-level security system that protects from virus attacks, data leaks, router hijack, and blocks malicious websites. A user will be able to control security level by means of a mobile app, e. g. decline or grant access to new contacts, scan downloaded files for viruses etc. Remote control apps are gaining popularity. Who would not want to have a quick and easy access to every device in the house to be able to control them from the comfort of one’s sofa? Xiaomi also sets sights to creating a remote interaction with its „smart” technology. The user can monitor router work with a help of Mi WiFi Router app. It allows seeing who is connected to the network at the moment, set internet speed for a single user, exchange files between network participants and other. Set a time frame for child’s internet session and optimize his daily schedule. Block access to inappropriate sites or file downloads. Web-filter ensures a high level of security. For an extreme experience choose internet speed according to your needs: play games, stream videos or browse the web. Speed up your internet with one click! Run Mi WiFi Router app and enjoy a blasting fast internet connection.


It’s really hard to beat the Xiaomi Mi Router 3C at this price, as it delivers very good features, a useful accompanying app, and good performance. Right now you can buy Mi WiFi Router 3C From Cafago at $18 Using Coupon Code: PAS33


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