Xiaomi SO WHITE ED1 Mini Electric Shaver Review: A 90 Minutes Standby Time Type-C Charging (coupon deal)


Xiaomi SO WHITE ED1 Mini Electric Shaver  gives accommodation and solace in shaving so you can shave your facial hair and bristles each day all the more perfectly and rapidly.

Xiaomi SO WHITE ED1 Mini Electric Shaver Price: $19.99


The shaving heads and each head can turn along the bends of your face. The shaving turns out to be progressively slick and clean in one compass. Each head utilizes an extremely sharp razor so it can trim the fine hairs of your face effectively and easily. The sharp edges are housed with a non-slip covering which is waterproof and the quickened mode clears bushes on the face. The adaptable coasting head effectively fits the facial bend, henceforth it supports to this in only one methodology, it winds up conceivable to dispose of the greatest number of hairs. The gadget works silently, without making inconvenience for the client and others. Regardless of the tranquil pace, the core of the razor, that is, the engine is very quick.


Xiaomi SO WHITE ED1 Mini Electric Shaver  comes with  Smaller than expected size, simple to convey. it has 0.07mm dainty net which can distort + honeycomb gaps for profound cleaning with the Combination plan of shaper and spread for safe substitution. it also supports Type-C advantageous charge with Long an hour and a half term, bolster 45 days if each work time is 2 minutes the Travel lock mode for safe travel. it is conceivable to do wet as well as dry shaving. The engine of the razor can pivot at a speed of eight and a half thousand cycles for each moment. Also, in the meantime, the gadget for all intents and purposes does not make a commotion. , and this ought to be sufficient for forty-five minutes of ceaseless task.

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Xiaomi SO WHITE ED1 Mini Electric Shaver can completely charge the gadget in eight hours. For the accommodation of conveying the maker has given an extraordinary pack, which is incorporated. you can easily buy this from Geekbuying with $19.99. to get the price use the  Coupon code: CHOKOWDV

Xiaomi SO WHITE ED1 Mini Electric Shaver Price: $19.99


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