Xiaomi Solid State Battery Technology Announced


Today, Xiaomi announced its pre-developed solid-state battery technology, which not only breaks through 1000Wh/L energy density, but also significantly improves low-temperature discharge performance and safety.

It is reported that the biggest difference between solid state battery and ordinary battery is the form of electrolyte, solid state battery is to upgrade all or part of the electrolyte to solid electrolyte, so as to have higher mechanical strength and stability.

Xiaomi solid state battery technology has achieved stage results in the laboratory, and will bring three improvements to battery technology in the future: energy density breaking 1000Wh/L, low temperature discharge performance improving by 20%, and acupuncture experiment passing rate greatly increasing.

At present, lithium metal is the most ideal battery material, but due to the influence of lithium evolution of lithium metal, only the inorganic membrane of solid battery can prevent the penetration of lithium dendrites, avoid short circuit. In laboratory tests, the energy density of a solid-state battery exceeded 1000Wh/L.

Another benefit of solid-state batteries is improved performance at low temperatures. Due to the liquid properties of the electrolyte itself, the viscosity will rise sharply at low temperatures, which will hinder the transport capacity of lithium ions, resulting in a rapid decline of 60% lithium conductivity. After replacing the electrolyte with solid electrolyte, sufficient lithium conductivity can be maintained at low temperatures.

Solid-state batteries are more than 20 percent better than normal batteries at -20°C and can be used even at high latitudes.

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In addition, solid-state battery resistance to acupuncture has improved dramatically. Xiaomi technical team coated solid electrolyte ceramic at the bottom of the positive electrode. When the needle pierced the battery, this layer of solid electrolyte would form a downward curve to wrap the positive electrode collecting fluid and separate it from the negative electrode, blocking the contact between the positive aluminum foil and the negative electrode material, avoiding the connection between the positive and negative electrodes, thus greatly improving the passing rate of the acupuncture experiment and ensuring the safety of use.


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