Xiaomi Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer Review: A Light Electric USB UV Light Mosquito Repellent Trap Insect Killer Lamp


Like we all know, during the summer, mosquitoes tend to flood the house as though they are the owner of the house. According to World Health Organization, more than half of the world is at great risk of malaria, if the mosquitoes in our houses are not dealt with. To deal with mosquitoes, we usually use physical methods such as the use of fly pat, but this method is power-consuming and also not efficient enough. There are also biological and chemical weapon methods, mosquito repellent, toilet water and mosquito coils, but these are still somewhat dangerous and irritating to the human body. The other thing is that the young Buddhists have no desire for anything and no spirit to let go of Dafa, pretending not to hear it, completely ignoring these annoying little creatures, letting them suck blood, and do not move like a mountain. Now we have new options for dealing with mosquitoes, without any side effect or irritation to the human body which is the Xiaomi Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer

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The Xiaomi Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer is made out of amazing material which would enhance the trapping and killing of mosquitoes just fine. Isolation of air ducts and mosquito storage boxes reduces the escape of undead mosquitoes. The circulation pattern design does not affect the wind. The whole machine has only one switch button located at the top of the fuselage, and the metal lacquer finish and feel after being polished by a multi-layer process.


The principle of inhalation and anti-mosquito uses the mosquito’s phototaxis of UV light to induce it to enter the effective range of the mosquito-killing lamp, and the airflow generated by the fan is sucked into the mosquito storage box. 360° UV Violet Light Mosquito + 360° open air duct design increases air suction and coverage, making mosquito killing more efficient. The use of mosquitoes for phototaxis of ultraviolet light does not use volatile agents. Dark light reduces visual disturbances and is convenient for nighttime use.
The mosquito killer is powered by the Micro USB interface and is compatible with most mobile phone chargers and charging treasures. No fumes, dust and irritating odors are produced during work, reducing the likelihood of respiratory discomfort. Removable storage box for easy removal and easy cleaning. Designed to be washable and easy to dry, reducing bacterial growth.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer

The Xiaomi Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer is currently available on Banggood for just $14.99

Buy Xiaomi SothingCactus Mosquito Killer at $14.99

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