Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earphone MINI Officially Announces at 169 yuan, $28


Last November, Xiaomi officially released its first sports Bluetooth earphone, adopting hanging design, soft material, nano-thermal spray technology, supporting waterproof and sweat proof. It can play about 7 hours’ music, up to 11 days for standby, selling at 149 yuan, $25. Today Xiaomi official announces a new Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth earphone mini, which will sell on Aug. 10.

According to its name, we can see it looks more compact, and it only has 14.5g weight, compared with first generation with 17.8 g weight, reducing 18.5%.

Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earphone MINI continues to use hanging design, not easy to fall, the wire adopts balance design, coming with hidden Collar clip, the earphone adopts opposite coating  craftsmanship, crystal design, supporting IP4X waterproof and sweat proof.

Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earphone MINI is lighter than the first generation and can wear more comfortable, but it is 20 yuan, $3 more expensive than the first one.


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