Xiaomi SWDK Mites Dust Vacuum Cleaner Review: A Remover KC301 Handheld Controller Ultraviolet Health Care (Free Shipping)


The Xiaomi SWDK Mites Vacuum Cleaner can clean tidies and bugs through 8000t/min high-recurrence beats, 12000Pa suction power and UV light, compact and convenient structure can let you profoundly clean baseboards, corners, and underneath furniture and stairs.

Xiaomi SWDK Mites Dust Vacuum Cleaner Price: €60.22 


This Dust Mite UV Vacuum Cleaner will help dispose of the bugs in only a few speedy advances. Size of this residue parasite controller is conservative and rather little, making it simple to hold in the hand and utilize pretty much anyplace at whatever point it is required. Measurements are 27.00 X 32.40 X 17.00 cm in size, with a little weight of just 1 kilogram and 300 grams. The SWDK Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is intended for use on surfaces, for example, couches, beds, pads, rich toys and others where it is anything but difficult to come into contact with allergens, parasites, and different organisms. These pathogens can’t be wrecked when presented to coordinate warmth from daylight, yet the pocket remote vacuum utilizes three stages to dispose of these sorts of undesirable substances.


WDK-KC101 Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner accompanies an inbuilt battery which needs simply 2.5 hours to completely charge. It gives clients 25-minutes of acarus killing. Moreover, the residue vermin vacuum cleaner doesn’t require a power link for charging. It has brushless tips which help to anticipate curving and to lessen hair, terry just as other winding issues. Its side-control pointer is well-definite with the fold marker light which mirrors the vacuum’s utilization condition without a moment to spare. The triple channels for example HEPA channel, Rear Sponge Filter, and Stainless Steel Filter are utilized to catch outflows.

The interference rate of this machine can achieve 99 percent. Xiaomi convenient vacuum cleaner is furnished with implicit battery 2200 mAh, which takes just 2,5 hours to completely charge. The gadget can work as long as 25 minutes when completely charged. In this manner, you won’t have to tune in to a power rope that restricts the zones that you can get to while cleaning the house. The gadget is additionally not extremely awkward, weighs just 1,3 kg, while the capacity chamber has a limit of 0,4 l.


Xiaomi SWDK1Dust Mite Controller is a powerful and effective machine that is easy to utilize. Simply clear it superficially with one hand to evacuate residue and bugs. It’s an extraordinary thing to have in your home or office. At this moment we can get it from Tomtop with €60.22

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Xiaomi SWDK Mites Dust Vacuum Cleaner Price: €60.22 


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