Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Review – Smart Wiping Machine at $254.99 From Gearbest (Flash Sale)


Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 is a modern device Smart Wiping Machine with WIFI, which has no decent analogs today. This model is made in an ergonomic stylish design. Among the main features of the device: multifunctionality, high performance, durability, resistance to wear, simplicity, and ease of use.

Buy Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot From Gearbest


The Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 wiping robot has a size of 32.0 x 32.0 x 8.0 cm and, unlike its sucking siblings, is built square instead of round. Due to its design, the wiping robot is able to wipe far into corners. There are two wiping mops on the underside, which are responsible for thorough cleaning due to high-frequency vibration with up and down movement. In this way, the manufacturer tries to balance the force that is normally used when wiping. As a result, even harder stains should no longer stand a chance. The movable vibration plates work at 800 revolutions per minute. The water tank has a volume of 240ml and should be enough for up to 2 hours of wiping action.

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When navigating, the wiping robot uses a VSLAM graphics algorithm, a combination of camera and gyro sensor. In this way, the SWDK ZDG300 creates a map of the apartment and uses it to orient itself. The map created can even be called up in the app as usual. Certainly, this type of navigation will not quite match that of LDS / by laser, but the combination of camera and gyro sensor should also enable precise navigation without the high structure of a laser scanner. Thanks to a 2500 mAh battery, the robot can wipe up to two hours in a row before it has to be charged for 3 hours. The manufacturer specifies a maximum operating volume of 71 dB.


The Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 wiping robot is the first, pure wiping robot from Xiaomi. With its design, the wiping technique, and a tried and tested navigation, the SWDK ZDG300 has everything to fill the gap with household robots. The operating volume of 71 dB is critical, the average volume of a conversation is 60 dB and that of conventional vacuum robots is around 65 dB. We can buy it from Gearbest at $254.99 in Flash Sale and ship from EU warehouse

Buy Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot From Gearbest


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