Xiaomi TS Anti-Blue Ray Glasses Officially Releases Today at 249 yuan, $41


One month ago, Xiaomi Eco Line company has released a TS Nylon sunglasses without frame, 100% UV isolation. After it has got successful crowdfunding, right now it has started to ship, but today they have released a Xiaomi TS anti-blue ray glasses with ultra light material, preventing blue ray effectively, and UV isolation 100%. As for price, it sells at 249 yuan, $41.

According to official introduction, the visible light of the wave length in the range of 415-455 nm, known as ‘harmful blue light’, after long time shining, it will make eyes dry with fatigue, and it will lead to retinal cells atrophy, even fall off, so as to decreased vision, eye disease and blindness, At the same time, blu-ray will suppress melationin secretion, disrupting the body clock, and affecting your sleep.

And TS Anti-Blue ray glasses adopt three different properties of yellow nanometer materials dealing with three daily levels such as daily use level, professional level and ophthalmic grade, which is the only brand with three levels in this glasses industry. It can absorb or obstacle harmful blue ray, reaching 60% Blue light blocking rate, meanwhile, it adopts chromatographic bridging technology, ensuring no harmful visible light passing, restoring a true color.

According to Asian face, Xiaomi TS anti-blue ray glasses uses 7.5g ultra light frame, which is equal to the weight of 1.5 pieces of A4 paper, which can adapt to different face size. It has oval, square, and round options, it will be shipping until April 20.


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